What do women want in a relationship? Do women need emotional security and emotional safety? How to give your girlfriend or wife emotional safety?

To be able to win your lover’s heart, then you need to provide your partner emotional security and safety. This is true especially for women. Of course, both men and women need reassurance, however, women need more reassurance and emotional security than men based on their psychology.

If you are a man reading this, then you have to learn that the psychology of women differs from the psychology of men. Women are different, not only physiologically, but also psychologically.

A woman needs to hear more from her partner the followings:

•She is the most important woman for you
•She is your number one priority
•She needs to know that you are proud of her
•She needs to know that there is no woman like her
•She needs to know that you love her
•She needs to know that you will stay with her for ever
•She needs to know you are loyal to her
These statements give women emotional security and stability. As I stated in my book “How to win your lover’s heart” that the successful man is the one who always shows his partner affection and gives his lover emotional stability.

Never compare your girlfriend or wife with any other woman including famous women. Comparing your wife to another woman can be an insult to her and might give her the feeling of insecurity.

Mike mentions that he made a huge mistake one night when he came back from a dinner with his friend where he started to mention to his wife how kind and generous his friend’s wife is. After Mike enumerated his friend’s wife positive qualities, his wife started to get angry and jealous and said, “Go and be with that woman.”

Mike mentions that at first, he didn’t realize why his wife reacted in a negative way, but then he realized that he should never compare his wife to other women as this could make his wife insecure.

Never compare your girlfriend or wife with any other woman and accept her the way she is. Let her be the way she is and give her your unconditional love. Remember, your lover wants to be number one in your life and it is very difficult for her to feel that if you keep comparing her to other women

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