Embracing & Honoring The Seasons


Fall is the time we start to reflect inwards; as the summer fades we look back at the events that transpired in our lives during the year. It is a time where we begin to reap the harvest we had started in the spring and put away for the winter. This is true in our personal and professional life.

Questions We Can Ask Ourselves

Did our crops grow the way we intended them to grow?

Will you have enough harvest to last you through the winter months?

If not; were there some other methods we could have changed to have a better harvest?

Did we nurture our harvest or just plant the seed and expect it to grow?


Winter is the time when the days are shorter and the nights are longer; due to this we spend more times inside then outside. It is the season where we spend the most amount of time reflecting inward and relying on our harvest from summer to keep us going. We start to sort out the events from the year that no longer serve us and start to prepare for the New Year with new hopes and goals. We normally start out with an open mind and full of ambition to assure ourselves of success. Then somewhere between New Years and Spring we seem to loose the fire. So how do we keep this fire going?

Questions We Can Ask Ourselves

Do I need to make changes to assure a better harvest?

Do I need to make personal changes in order to assure a better harvest?

Do I need to make professional changes to assure a better harvest?

What do I need to release?

What do I need to be opened to?


Spring is the season we begin to sprout and grow. Ideas, creations we have been thinking about are starting to come into fruition. We become alive and wanting to go out into the world to share these creations we have been harboring through the winter months. Our personal and professional lives can see this growth; if we have taken the right measures in the fall and winter months. Spring is also about nurturing our harvest and ourselves.

Questions We Can Ask Ourselves

Are you ready to bring forth your idea(s) and creation(s) into the world?

Are you ready to step into your own power?

Will you be able to nurture your creations and yourself?

Is there anything stopping you from bringing forth your creations?


Summer is the time that our seeds are growing and our at their peak time. With the summer’s sun; full crops if we planted right in the spring; we are able to enjoy the warm rays of the sun to feed our soul; our crops are at their peak to nourish our body; We feel the freedom of air moving in and around us; we have the action needed to enjoy the longer fiery day that fire helps us achieve.

Questions We Can Ask Ourselves

Do I have a full crop that I can harvest for the winter months?

Are my crops not growing to their full potential?

Can I see where the crops need more nurturing and tending if they are not growing to their full potential?

Do I have a balance in my life both personal and professional?

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