You are recognized by how you speak, write, interpret and think. In your natal horoscope, the planet Mercury indicates how you communicate.

People who have Mercury in air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) ask questions. They bounce around concepts easily and may not be attached to any one thought. If something has an impact, they often remember what they hear verbatim. Air sign Mercury's have the gift of conversation. They like to talk, read, gather information and exchange ideas.

If someone has Mercury in a water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) they retain knowledge best when it carries an emotional charge. They need to feel and absorb information. The perception that a person who looks away is untruthful is not necessarily accurate with a water Mercury.

This is the kind of misconception that can happen when Mercury signs are very different. A water sign Mercury can be trained to make more eye contact, but it may be possible they lose something in the translation. Like any language, encouraging the shift when they are young is easier than training your grown spouse or co-worker.

Within each element there are also nuances. For instance in water, Mercury in Scorpio may prefer to observe rather than volunteer information. Pisces may drift from topic to topic with no apparent connection. Mercury in Cancer needs to feel comfortable.

A water sign Mercury child may show an interest in art or music, because they may come later to verbal communication. The way a child learns is a huge determining factor in his/her school experience. If a child has an earth or water Mercury, they don't necessarily adapt to the standard way of learning and teaching in most schools. The parent or teacher has a great advantage in being aware of the child's Mercury placement, because it will enable them to provide the child with the environment required to encourage successful communication and education.

When Mercury is a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) ideas flare and can die quickly, sometimes before they're verbalized. When speaking with a fire Mercury, it's important to attract their interest. They respond best if they identify in some way to the conversation. If their passion is ignited, so will the flame of conversation.

Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) are the note takers of the zodiac. Once they've made it concrete, it has more impact. They may be slower with response, because they don't necessarily think out loud. Don't underestimate them if they seem slower to catch on; they work the soil of the information and make it their own.

This is a brief outline of how Mercury works in the horoscope to show us how a person thinks. You probably recognized your favorite way to absorb information and transmit it. Looking at the twelve signs can show you there is no standard way we all communicate, but learning how another does will help in any dialogue.

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