Part I

I loved the book and enjoyed the movie. I always enjoy books more as we get to get into the character’s head and share their experience from their perspective better than in a movie. I’m a sucker for stories about a woman coming into her own.
But if you’re like me, and I think you probably are, it just isn’t practical for me to take a year off from my life and travel to different countries to reclaim my power. I have to do it amidst laundry, meal preparation, working and child rearing. These are the things that we can use either as excuses to put off reclaiming our power or we can use them as stepping stones into our power. I cannot stress enough the importance of the latter.
The feminine is awakening and the Goddess is returning but not without us. She awakens through us and if we’re fretting about how dirty our home is, how fat our thighs are, or how dirty our neighbor’s house is or how fat her thighs are we are guilty of an obscene waste of our time and talents.
As women (and men for that matter) we have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to our society as well. When we live large and fulfill our potential focusing on what matters we can literally change the world. And that is just what I’m proposing here. Let’s turn this upside down world right side up and stand it firmly on her strong and sturdy feet. Creating a world where peace out-weighs war and health, joy, education, and humanity count for more than the bottom line.
I realize that it sounds like a daunting task but we can do it.
You do it by first transforming your Self, by turning your upside down thoughts right side up and standing tall on your own two capable and powerful feet. The world needs YOU. The illiterate need you, the hungry need you, the drug addicts need you, education needs you, peace needs you. Your projects need you to finish them. God wants to express through you.
By being full expressions of our God Selves we automatically transform the vibration of the planet. One needs not take on every problematic situation but to simply BE the light that we are. Every person who makes the choice to be the highest expression of who they are is radiating light, love, and possibility for all.
You do not need to be the perfect person to make change in the world. You only need to believe you can. Are you ready to be your full expression?
What’s your dream? Do you want to write that book, start that business, be an artist? What’s stopping you? What are your excuses?
Your life is a compilation of the choices you have made and every choice you have ever made is a result of your self-concept or your beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. You can change your self-concept and transform you life. You absolutely have the power and quite frankly the responsibility to transform your life. The world needs you. You can make a difference.
In this series of articles I will guide you through your own Eat, Pray, Love transformation amidst your daily responsibilities. I invite you to awaken the Goddess within, to be a full expression of your own feminine creative power. For it is this power that will transform you, your world and our society. Keep your eyes open for your “Eat” portion of the journey coming to your inbox in a few days.

In Love and Light,
Michelle Lee, CH

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Soul Realignment practitioner specializing in self-esteem, women's empowerment and self-actualization. Michelle is the author of "Fall in love...with your Self" self hypnosis CD and "Self-Love...How to get there from here" DVD workshop as well as many other workshops. Michelle is available to speak to your group.