The 3rd Step to Accomplishing Your Goals


We all have basic expectations in our lives, such as showing up on time for work, dropping the kids off at school, and paying bills. Setting high expectations for yourself acknowledges that your goals are important to you and that you believe in yourself. These expectations will apply the right “productive” pressure to your efforts.

Everyday people are ready jump up and grab a hold of their goals. When you set high expectations, it’s like jumping on a trampoline. But, this process can be a fairly new experience to most people. High expectations will work hand-in-hand with your strong reasons, which in turn, work with your powerful goals.
There are 2 types of expectations:

Mental – these are the expectations you have placed on your thoughts.
Physical – these are the expectations you have placed on your actions.

In general, most people only set expectations on their actions. They push themselves to get to the gym, stop spending on credit cards, or they dedicate time to writing their novel. These expectations are extremely important to achieving greatness. But, they work a lot better when they are in sync with your mental expectations.

Mental expectations are too often underused. They allow you to control the type of thoughts that enter your head. Your thoughts can either be positive or negative, but not both at the same time. The human mind will focus on actions which are in line with whatever thoughts you focus on.

By keeping the thoughts in your head positive, you can actually set the high expectation of “I will not quit” and stick to it. Raising the bar on your own expectations is like applying pressure to a lump of coal. Enough pressure will produce a diamond. Apply enough “productive” pressure to your efforts and you will produce greatness.

Setting high expectations is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Think GREAT!
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