The weather is a huge factor in road safety, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. However, when you’re a truck driver, weather shouldn’t be an inconvenience, it should be planned and accounted for, in every trip. When you think of bad weather, you’re probably thinking of icy roads and torrential rain, but there’s some equally dangerous weather conditions you should be aware of, before embarking on your journey. The last place you want to break down is in the middle of some fog, as you’re less visible to other drivers, who may not see your vehicle until it’s too late. It’s too dangerous to leave your vehicle unattended and search for a truck repair shop Cottage Valley, NY, which will be even more difficult with less visibility. It’s imperative to call for emergency roadside assistance as soon as possible, for your own safety, as well as the safety of others passing you.

New York, specifically Upstate, is particularly prone to fog, due to it’s rolling topography and varying climate. If you must drive in fog, reduce your speed, even if you’re familiar with the road, to give you more time to react, should you need to. Fog is unpredictable, and it can suddenly become more dense at any time, making it particularly hazardous for truck driver’s in large transport vehicles.

Have you ever been driving and noticed another driver without the correct lights on their vehicle? Don’t be that person! Use low-beam headlights and fog lights to help you see, as well as letting other drivers see you, even during the day. Don’t use your high/full-beam headlights, because the light is reflected by the fog, and will reduce your visibility significantly. It’s also helpful to use the road marking such as lane divider lines, to keep your rig straight, instead of staring out into the fog. Turning on your four-way flashers, or emergency warning lights, can also help increase your truck’s visibility to other drivers and prevent an accident.

Watch out for and obey fog warning signs, near areas that frequently have foggy patches, and reduce your speed in anticipation. You may be very comfortable driving in fog, but others on the road may not be as confident. Be aware of other road users around you, giving plenty of space between your truck and the vehicle in front, keeping an eye on their maneuvers, and being ready for an emergency stop at any moment. Avoid changing lanes or passing other vehicles whenever possible, as you are likely to have to increase speed to overtake, which may put you at a greater risk of having an accident.

When visibility is at a dangerously low level, postpone the trip or pull over until the fog passes. Try to find a rest area or truck stop, rather than pulling over to the side of the road, as it may be difficult for other drivers to see you. If you do find yourself completely stuck on the side of the road when it is foggy out, remember that you can call for emergency roadside assistance Chester, NY. Someone will be dispatched to your location to look at your truck, and can help you safely get back on the road in no time.

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