Here’s a great story worth sharing to show the unexpected and terrific results that often happen with EFT.

“Mary” worked as a waitress that was known for their delicious hot rolls. Patrons coming to the restaurant often indulged in eating several rolls a piece. Unfortunately, Mary, liked these rolls, too, as they were easy to eat on the run while she was working and hungry. She wanted to try EFT to see if that would help her eliminate her craving for these rolls.

We started with the “set up” phrase...

“Even though I love to eat these delicious rolls....” and used the reminder phrase of “delicious rolls”.
Mary tapped to several rounds of these words and within 20 minutes, she longer wanted to eat any rolls.

I checked with Mary a week later, she still hadn’t eaten any rolls, even though she had worked several shifts that week. Much to her surprise and delight, she discovered, besides losing an interest in eating rolls, she also hadn’t smoked any cigarettes.

Three months later, I talked to Mary again, and she still hadn’t eaten any rolls or smoked any cigarettes. Mary had been a smoker for 6 years.

Although, EFT training does mention that sometimes the client will get these wonderful benefits, it’s truly exciting to see a client get them.

Author's Bio: 

EFT was first introduced to me when someone performed the technique on me and I was able to eliminate my craving for ice cream.  For over 25 years, I have worked with individual clients and the general public and enjoy helping people reach their goals and become happier.  My favorite part is either seeing the change in a client's face or hearing the change in their voice at the end of the session to one that is less stressed and more full of joy.  It's almost as if a huge weight has been taken off of them. 

A challenge I had recently given myself was to climb Le Gros Piton in St. Lucia- almost 3000 ft above sea level. I am not a “climber” or “hiker” but wanted to experience something new.  Two and a half hours up rocky and sometimes non existent trails, to one of the most beautiful and breathtaking views I could ever imagine. The climb down, also two and a half hours, was on jagged slippery rocks. This event really was an initiating point in my life to change directions.  The previous 15 years, I had a very successful career in Business Development. As life, goals and interests change, I felt the desire to make a change to work with people on a more individual basis.  Sometimes helping people with day to day issues, and sometimes helping with larger life changes. I had been practicing EFT part time and have now switched to full time- I am enjoying every minute of it! 
I (try to) operate my life with the following guiding principles: meditation, law of attraction,  quantum physics and an abundance of positive energy!