Our brain is an amazing organ. Once believed to be static and hard wired, scientists have now proven otherwise through the study of neuroplasticity. Scientific research has established that our brain is creating new brain cells and forming new connections every day. Our brain is malleable to our thinking. You can change your life by changing your thoughts which in turn can change your brain.

Our brain consists of three parts that function together as one system:

• The conscious mind
• The subconscious mind
• The unconscious mind.

Our conscience mind is where most people live day to day. It is the logical, objective, practical, and thinking part of the brain that, like the captain of a ship, is in charge and gives the orders. Our conscious mind communicates with the outside world and reflects within us through our six senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or feeling. The conscious mind provides 5% or less of our cognitive (conscious) activity during the day.

The subconscious mind holds recent memories and is accessible to the conscious mind for recall of events, places, people, and names. The subconscious mind works in conjunction with the unconscious mind and is in constant contact with its resources as it is the storehouse for all our past memories and experiences. It stores all the data of our existence in this life and some believe past lives as well. Some of these memories or experiences may be repressed from past trauma or may simply be forgotten, ruled as unimportant, but it is these memories and experiences that form our beliefs, habits and behaviors.

The subconscious mind is the gateway between the unconscious and the conscious mind and gives us meaning to all our interaction with the world as filtered through our beliefs and habits. We experience this through our body’s sensations, our feeling, emotions, imagination and our dreams.

This below the deck crew (subconscious and unconscious mind) is the guiding system of the ship that carries out the captain’s orders all according to whatever training had been given over the years to best do so.

Some of the beliefs and habits stored in the subconscious/unconscious are good and some are limiting. The limiting ones can cause us to sometimes get stuck in one or more areas of our life. This is because it contains “our version of the truth” which is not necessarily true but the subconscious/unconscious is passive and has no filter so it believes whatever it is fed. When this happens we just don't know how to get unstuck. It seems more and more obstacles suddenly appear preventing us from moving forward.

This sense of being stuck can leave us feeling unhappy and maybe even downright miserable showing up in our life as:

• Being at a job you dislike but it pays the bills so “you need to stay”.
• Your relationships drain your energy leaving you tired and depleted.
• You have low self-esteem, lack confidence, initiative and motivation.
• You have financial problems, debt or just don’t make enough money to make ends meet.
• You want to do more with your life, something that gives you meaning and purpose.

If any of these sound familiar to you, it is time to make some positive changes in your life.

Everything is created twice: it must first be a thought before it can become a thing.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have created the reality by which we live, because everything begins with our thinking. The good news is, if we created our current situation it stands to reason we can create a new and more positive situation with some guided assistance. Remember our brain is plastic to our thinking.

What exactly are you thinking about?

If we create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs (history and science have proven it so) where have your thoughts and beliefs lead you up to now?

You and you alone are responsible for your life. No more blaming, complaining and pointing the finger. The real truth is, you attracted this or that person, event or experience and the major key to a better future is you!

You are what you think and believe.

You are an energetic being and as so you radiate an energetic vibration unique to you that attracts the same vibration back to you. Your energetic vibration is always changing and the energetic vibration you radiate is a direct reflection of the thoughts and beliefs you have and the emotions you have attached to them.

You come into this world a bundle of pure spiritual love and joy. This is your natural birthright, however, it often and most likely gets altered, blemished and even forgotten during childhood masking your true self.

Most of our beliefs and thoughts from the world were formed during the ages of 0 and 7, when most learning was subconscious.

As a human baby you are totally dependent upon your parents or caregiver for your needs, whether they are physical or emotional. During the early years, you learn from your experiences, what you hear, what you’re told, what was done or not done for you and what you see happening around you through circumstances, events, and the environment you are in. As a child you do not have the cognitive ability to reject any of this so it all gets downloaded into your subconscious/unconscious mind which runs 95% of your life. This becomes your foundation and core values.

You are not alone, the programming for everyone starts from conception with the DNA of our parents and Ancestors, gets imprinted deeper in early childhood and reinforced by teachers, society, peers, religion, and emotional experiences as we mature.

Your subconscious mind learns by repetition.

Our thoughts become repetitive and so automatic we hardly consider what goes through our brain on a daily basis. Do you realize that these subconscious, second-nature activities make up 40 percent of our waking hours? That means that two out of every five minutes, all day and every day, we operate on autopilot. Most often we don’t even think about whether the thought is true or not, we automatically accept what is generally believed by society without question.

Depending upon our upbringing we may have a positive, negative, or somewhere in-between belief system. Once this program has been installed in our subconscious/unconscious mind it has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviors. Habits are neural pathways stored in the brain (the limbic system) to create a neural fast lane meant to save the brain energy. We don’t need to think or decide again, the autopilot mind (habits, patterns) is activated allowing us to repeat the same things day after day.

If our belief system is negative or even somewhere in-between this repetitive behavior leads to fear, worry, doubt, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, guilt and shame.

Without making any effort to change this programming our early childhood paradigm is often the same paradigm by which we live as adults. Many of the beliefs we created as children served us well at the time, but sometimes evolve into very disempowering and sometimes destructive beliefs as adults, keeping us stuck and unhappy.

Your subconscious is always protecting you from what it perceives as a threat.

Have you ever wondered sometimes, why things don't change more quickly? It's because you might not really want what you think you want. Consciously, you are doing everything in your power to achieve your desires, yet you could be subconsciously sabotaging yourself. Your subconscious mind is really what's running your life. No matter how much you want something, if you have a hidden fear, your subconscious will always protect you from achieving it.

Once you heal your subconscious beliefs, you can easily change your life.

Let me ask you a question:

If you do not change what you’re doing right now, do you really think you are going to achieve your goals?

If you continue to suffer from the same limiting beliefs, and let the same emotions sabotage you, and never work on improving your mindset, do you really expect your life to end up any different?

I guess what I am trying to say is... nothing changes until you do.

So to help you start overcoming some of your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, I am going to share with you a technique I learned and teach to my clients.

Step #1: Start where you are with what you have.

Accept your current results. Everything is as it should be for now. We are not looking to change the past but to create a new future. Find something to be grateful for within your current results. No matter how small that may be, because when you focus on the good in a situation (where you are now) looking forward (to where you want to be) you wake up to opportunities, resources, and circumstances you would have otherwise missed.

Step #2: Recognize your limiting beliefs.

Take a moment to let yourself drift and daydream about the life you would love to live. What’s happening for you? What work are you doing? Where are you living? Who are you sharing this life with? Imagine living this life with all the feeling of the moment. Now write it down. Next to it write down all the reasons you believe you can’t have it. This pinpoints the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. These beliefs are not in alignment with what you really want. They do not serve you or your dream.

Step #3: Reprogram you brain with new beliefs

Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering new beliefs. Rise above your limited thinking by changing your perception. Write down new beliefs that challenge your old way of thinking. Look at the situation from a higher perspective with objectivity as if you’re witnessing the situation. What would the “self” in your dream, the higher version of you, do to take steps toward achieving your dream? This gives you emotional distance and will help create more awareness and open your mind to new possibilities.

Step #4: Develop a clear intention, be flexible and persistent.

Don’t waste time on what has been. At the very best it has only shown you what you don’t want. Focus your attention on what you want and let the rest go. Put your dream life, the one written from your best self, right in front of you every day. On your refrigerator or bathroom mirror as a reminder of what you want. Read your dream and the new belief list twice a day, morning and night, whenever possible. Recognize when the old beliefs rise up and pull you back toward the familiar. When this happens reconnect to your dream and take a small action step that supports movement toward your dream.

So don’t underestimate the power of the subconscious/unconscious mind because it really does run the show. Knowing now, through scientific research, that our brain is malleable to our thinking we can program our subconscious mind to create a life we truly love. The key is to get to the root of the unconscious limiting beliefs, repeatedly reinforce new empowering beliefs and stay focused on what you want to create.

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Author's Bio: 

Patti Tatro is a Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Master Energy Healer. She has worked for over 40 years as a Health Care Professional both in Western Medicine and in many Alternative Healing Modalities becoming a Reiki Master in 1998.

She has devoted over 30 years to the study of energy medicine, personal development, spiritual principles and transformational skills seeking to enrich the lives of others through healing, speaking, teaching, and coaching.
Patti’s passion is to inspire, motivate, and empower people to live a freer, fuller more expanded life as they discover how powerful they truly are in creating a life they love.