A winning small business marketing strategy is one of the keys to success in business. Is this true or false? As a personal business coach I can tell you this is true. Having a successful small business marketing strategy is essential to success.

Small Business Marketing Strategy: What Is Marketing?
What is marketing? Marketing can be any activity used to promote awareness of your business product or service. Advertising, for many small businesses, is one component of a small business marketing strategy that readily comes to mind. Marketing can be providing a free meeting room for groups if you have extra office space.
People become aware of you in a favorable way for donating your space for free or for a small charge. It can be having your employees volunteer for a community project. There are many ways to implement your small business marketing strategy. Think outside the box. Be creative.

Does A Winning Small Business Marketing Strategy Equal Success?
Here’s another statement. A successful small business marketing strategy guarantees success. This is false. In coaching success I have seen many good small business marketing strategies and businesses that never realize their potential.
There are many keys to success in small business. But, the most important one is execution. Whether you are a small business startup or running a small business your marketing and more importantly, your ability to execute your small business marketing strategy consistently will determine your fate.

Two Traits Of A Successful Small Business Marketing Strategy
For a small business startup being persistent in executing the small business marketing strategy and consistent in executing it are the foundation for success. Too often small businesses are neither persistent nor consistent, increasing the likelihood of failure.
When you drive a car you want it to start, run and be reliable. Running your own business and having small business growth is like building a car. You can have all the systems and the right people but without a good small business marketing strategy applied consistently it will be a rough ride.
As a personal business coach I liken the failure to not have and execute a small business marketing strategy to having an under inflated right front tire. Everything about your business (car) can be right, but if your tire is under inflated you will constantly be pulled to your right and off track. At worse, you could have a blow out and come to a complete stop.
That under inflated tire is like the small business marketing plan that is under used or not consistently applied. In business coaching I see the following. In owning your own business the immediate goal is to increase sales. I see the business owner go out and be persistent and consistent in executing his marketing plan.
Then he gets too much business and stops marketing. He is no longer being persistent or consistent. He says he is just too busy. A few weeks or months later his business is diminishing. That marketing tire has become under inflated. No one checked on it and now it is pulling his business in a bad direction.
Success planning and coaching success is about doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. Executing your marketing business plan or your startup business plan is essential to your success.
Your keys to success are within you. You are the most important asset your business has. Invest in yourself. After all, your business and life will get no bigger than your thinking.
In the Business Keys To Success home study course can start you on the road to having the success you desire. You can go at your own pace. Learn how to give you and your business the edge. Discover how to move your business and life forward.
In the end, very often one of the most important keys to success is the commitment the business owner makes to his own personal development and to having a winning small business marketing strategy.

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