Though we are talking about online and home-based small businesses, still for every other kind of business, direct marketing is really important to create your own stand in the market. It is always said that in marketing, you should look for customers, not buyers, and when you start to interact directly with your potential prospective buyers, you are actually converting them into loyal customers which is a great business marketing option.

If the concept of customers and buyers is not clear, a buyer is the person who buys from you at one time and a customer is one who buys from you time after time. Now the most convenient and popular way of direct marketing is direct mailing to the customers. We are not talking about the Internet mails, but rather the old-fashioned mails delivered by the postmen. It is personalized and addressed to the customer. This separates you from the other big retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock and other online shopping sites.

The first thing that needs to be done is to create a list of the customers and their addresses. This is easier said than done. It is easy for service organizations like instant printers, auto repair firms, and carpet cleaners to make these lists. What you can do is prepare a guest book and offer a free newsletter to all those who register with you. Even offering special discounts, small rewards like issuing a frequent buyer facility or a customer id can also help.

You should always make sure that your list consists of customers who are genuinely interested in your service though calculated pro-activeness does reap profits at times. But keeping a targeted list sure does help in cutting down the costs and ensuring better returns. In short direct marketing is the best business marketing option.

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