Did Ya Know This One?

Play along with me – which of these motivators beats the rest to excite executives?

a) Money b) promotions c) respect d) personal satisfaction

Wait. One got 45% rating; the runner up got 29%, next motivator got 18%, and
last and maybe least, got only 5%.

Credibility: the leading Personnel and executive search company – Monster.ca
surveyed 6,624 unrelated corporate personnel.

So What

You deal with peers and have personal relationships, right? Would it give you
a competitive advantage at home and in your career to know, not guess, what
really motivates folks to put-out or shut-up?

The date of the poll was 5.22.09. Number 1 grabbing 45% of the total votes, is
Personal Satisfaction. Money motivates only 29%, while Respect from managers
and peers hits just 18%. Promotions or the hope of promotions is last with just
5% of the voters.

This was an anonymous survey meaning there was no need to try to impress
the company or organization. Why was Personal Satisfaction the big-time winner?

Dopamine – the Pleasure Hormone.

Personal Satisfaction activates the pleasure hormone – Dopamine. It triggers our Limbic System, the source of all our emotions. Home sapiens are hardwired to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. Feeling good is better than just looking good, right?

We humans desire instant gratification and rapid feedback if we can get it, but Personal Satisfaction motivates us the most because it pours out Dopamine.

Get this part – Personal Satisfaction equals happiness, a sense of self-confidence
and well-being. Happiness occurs when our brain spits out the neurotransmitter
Dopamine. It is associated with Achievement, Reward Expectation, Fulfillment and
Gratification. That is why Personal Satisfaction is number one in the poll.

For Inquiring Minds: the part of our brain called Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA)
(Google: Basal Ganglia) squirts out Dopamine.

Who Cares

First, knowing what gets the juices flowing of others is a career builder.
Second, knowing what turns your own brain on for optimal results is vital
to a joyful life and strong personal relationships.

Feel good first: our mood and state of mind activates our Prefrontal Cortex for successful behaviors and positive decision-making. First comes our emotions.

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