Summary: Rick Wiles' interview with John Shorey raises the question. The book of Daniel supports Muslim overflowing the US.

Asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel, Matthew 24:3,15.
Daniel was sealed “till the time of the end,” (Daniel 12:4) but Daniel 8:17 says, “at the time of the end shall be the vision” [chazon of the goat and ram].

This suggests a repeat of history with an end-time application. The ram had two horns, the kings of Media and Persia, but we now see those areas as Iraq and Iran, with the vision half completed already!

We should expect war against Iran, but Daniel 8 also shows the goat horn (that represented Alexander the Great) broken and four horns sprung up toward the four winds, with marginal reference to Daniel 7 where four winds stirred the sea and four beasts arose that fits our political cartoons today! A lion with eagle wings (UK and US), a bear (Russia), a leopard with four heads (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand?) and a dragon with 10 horns (EU with papacy as the little horn that warred v Protestants, Dan 7:21,25.

But in the original application, those beasts represented Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome with Babylon being conquered by Cyrus when he diverted the Euphrates River and marched under the river gates into Babylon as the king and leaders had a drunken orgy, Daniel 5.

The point is, the Medes and Persians conquered Babylon. In our time, we (lion with eagle's wings) can expect similar influx of (Muslims) represented by imagery of the Medes entering Babylon without a fight, under the wall in the dry river bed. We have a border policy that allows similar ease of entry.

So it really doesn't matter if God told David Wilkerson the timing. We can see it happening and no one seems able to stop our current Muslim leader from favoring Islam's future conquest here, even with a GOP majority in senate and house. How strange!

It's as if God has decreed payback for our meddling in the Middle East and our kicking Him out of US courtrooms and classrooms. We prefer an agenda of sex education, even teaching safe anal sex, but not to to teach the 10 Commandments or any scientific support for Creation. Never mind how evolutionary theories conflict with one another and the impossibility that DNA could have evolved in a trillion years.

We are entering a time of judgment announced in Revelation 14:6,7. “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the time of His judgment is come, and worship Him that made heaven and earth,” identified as Creator in the 4th Commandment where the Sabbath was instituted as a memorial to creation in contrast to the pope's blessing on Sunday and favoring of evolution.

Rick Wiles said, “I will not stay for the fire.” For his interview re David Wilkerson's dream, visit

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