My Dad built houses and I worked for him as I grew up. I learned a valuable lesson watching someone’s dreams manifest; you have to build on a strong foundation for the dream to become a reality. We too often have a goal and forget that how we relate to that goal is an essential ingredient. How we connect to our inner resources is what I call relating to your goal in a conscious way. When you can relate utilizing powerful inner resources, you have a strong foundation.
There are two essential ingredients in a strong foundation. First you need to approach your goal with a clear self image. This is the “you” that is capable of accomplishing your goal, the “you” that carries no old habits, no self doubts and no fears so you can accept your full potential. The second essential ingredient deals with “self trust”. T hat trust allows you to accept powerful inner resources that exist beyond your conditioned mind. These resources are the Wisdom of your Body and can perform excellence without limiting thoughts. Developing these two ingredients allows you to best utilize external help without mental interference.
Imagine if you wanted to lose weight or simply eat more nutritiously. Approaching that goal utilizing your deepest wisdom is as valuable as any expert’s advice. You can follow the expert better when you approach their advice consciously. Even if you approach the best expert while you are still attached to sabotaging habits, it is difficult to accomplish your goal. Experts are incredible external resources. When you use powerful inner resources following them…you attain the best results.
If you have had a craving for some nutritious food, that is the Wisdom of your Body telling you what you need to eat. Unfortunately, we too often are attached to old habits and cannot listen to the Wisdom of our Body. During a health challenge, the demand to listen to your body becomes more obvious than your old habits. It is as though you would like to “live” more than you want to be who you were conditioned to be. At times like that, inner wisdom can guide you.
Almost every adult lost that instinct to eat according to their inner wisdom. If they were able to go beyond their conditioned mind, that instinct would be there. Adults need to learn the proper diet, but they still need their inner wisdom to avoid the habits they learned. When we connect conscious thought with the Wisdom of the Body, conscious eating feels totally natural.
This partnership utilizing inner and outer resources defines a patient/doctor relationship. Doctor’s get excellent education to bring you external resources in healing . Conscious patients need to use the Wisdom of the Body, which has evolved over millions of years, to best use their inner resources. Using expert advice with inner wisdom creates powerful partnerships and the best results.

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio
Marc Lerner is the President of Life Skills Institute and has been working with people in a health crisis since 1982. Learning to discover oneself in difficult times is the theme of A Healthy Way to be Sick, the e-book Marc Lerner wrote. Go to to read a mini-version. Learn this same technique to deal with any difficult time with the e-book, A Light Shines Brighter in Darkness, at the same website. Marc Lerner is available for public speaking and tele-seminars on the same wbsite. When you learn to master inner resources and avoid negative thinking, you automatically tap powerful inner resources to become an active partner with medical professionals. Patient participation can influence the results of the doctor’s treatment. The doctor’s relationship with the patient can also influence how the patient participates in healing. Marc’s work is dedicated to establishing this partnership.