Detox your thoughts – now!

It is becoming more and more evident that our thoughts are an important factor in our health. This is no longer something that is only valid within the field of alternative health care – even at hospitals you are now told to think positively about your own healing in order to speed up your recovery. And it helps! There is no longer any doubt that positive thoughts and visualizations can enhance our health.
According to Martinus, the Danish visionary, our thoughts are not just important – they are THE most important factor in our health. Our thoughts have the power to kill us or to make us lead healthy lives.
Our thoughts are electromagnetic radiation and with this stream of energy we magnetize our body. When we magnetize our body with happy and positive thoughts this has a good effect on our general health. With happy thoughts we simply send “good vibes” into our body and this will enhance the immune system and make us stronger, fitter and more radiant.
When we magnetize our body with pessimistic thoughts, then this negative energy will also affect the body. But in this case the result will be fatigue, proneness to illnesses, pessimism and even depression. We simply undermine our health with negative thoughts.
What kind of thoughts should we avoid then? Well, these would be the most toxic thoughts: worry, envy, hatred, revenge, jealousy, greed, disdain, self-depreciation, self-hatred, irritation, anger, pessimism and unlove. We would do our health a favor if we could detox our thought sphere of those thoughts.
But how can we do that? Where is the delete button for our thoughts? Well – there is no delete button for thoughts, because even if we shout “NO” to a thought, it is still predominant “in there”. The only way to get rid of unwanted thoughts is to find a happy replacement thought and put that at the forefront of our thought sphere.
A replacement thought could be a vision of yourself in the most desirable position that you can think of: you have just won a million dollars, been crowned a beauty queen, won the Nobel prize, won the Tour de France, won an Oscar, won a trip around the world, published a bestseller, regained your health, run a marathon, climbed the Matterhorn, established a successful business etc. Make a replacement thought that reflects your highest desire and your deepest wishes, and have this though ready in your mind.
Now, when a pessimistic and depressing though crops up, then you send it packing to Siberia where it belongs with the happy replacement thought. Once you have practiced this for a few days, the toxic thoughts start getting tired of the game and eventually they pack in and stop cropping up. Your thoughts sphere will then be dominated by happy and positive thoughts – you have then simply performed a thought detox. And it won´t be long before you can see the effects: improved health, improved circumstances and improved finances. With happy thoughts you simply attract all the things you have ever dreamed about. The law of attraction sees to that, because: as you think you vibrate and as you vibrate you attract.
So why wait? Start your thought detox today.
You will then not only have helped yourself, but you will be a positive light in the world and your “good vibes” will spread out to others and help raise the energy level of the whole planet.

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