Detect Lies through Body Language
Be self empowered to become a walking lie detector

Before you proceed to read on this post, please kindly choose an option below:

a. Do you want to know more about lie detecting techniques and accept the fact that there are a lot of liars around you in your daily life?

b. Do you choose to be ignorant and live in bliss?

If your selection is a, continue to read on at your own risk. If your choice is b, you can stop reading now, but do stay tuned to this self empowerment site for more future beneficial articles.

Why we need to learn the techniques of detecting lies?

It is useful for you to learn this technique to differentiate between the truth and the lies and apply it in your everyday life. This technique will prevent us from being a victim of a fraud or scam and even other deception.

Why people lie?

A person lies to get himself out of a difficult or stressful situation or he lies to get some gains out of it, so how should we go about recognize those common indications? Let’s begin…

1. Scratching the neck, throat or mouth

When one tells lies, he will put his cell under pressure and it tends to heat up the whole body. In order to release this heat, the liar will start to scratch his body to release the heat.

2. Avoiding eye contact is another indication of one telling lies.

3. Shaking leg or feet

When one tells a lie, he can control his facial expression because he knows that the other person is looking at his face. When one is totally focused on controlling the upper body, the lower body will get out of control and act upon the sub-conscious mind that leads to the indication of a lie.

4. Gestures/expressions that are contradicting with the verbal statement is also another indication of lies detection. For example, he is crying when saying “I am very happy”.

5. Eye direction

When a specified question is being asked, in normal circumstance, the eye will be looking to the left to recall the pictures in the memory. When one cannot find the answer, the eye will shift to look at the right which indicate that he is constructing something which is usually a lie.

6. A liar is uncomfortable facing the one that is asking the question and tends to turn his body or head away.

Last but not least, don’t assume people are lying without any support concrete evidence.

Be more self empowered by using these lie detection techniques to become a more effective communicator.

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