Delicious low fat low salt diet and high protein low fat foods to lose belly fat fast.
The best way to start your high protein, low fat food diet is easy. Just start by avoiding all fried greasy foods. The next step is even easier to lower your salt and fat. Simply avoid processed and canned foods that are high in sodium and salt. Read the labels on all of the containers and you will see for yourself which foods are high in fat, salt and sodium.

The next step is to start eating lots of fresh, green salads, fruits and vegetables. Meat contains protein but so do vegetables. However, meat has fat so keep your meat consumption to 6 ounces per day. Avoid all fried foods and instead choose to bake, broil, grill, smoke or poach your lean meat selection. Making sure all fat is trimmed from meat, use garlic, pepper, onion and herbs for seasoning. Butter Bud Sprinkles make a healthy substitute for butter when you want that buttery flavor. The white meat of both chicken and turkey are healthy meat options and poached fish is both quick and easy to prepare while providing especially high levels of Omega 3.
Lose belly fat fast.

There is no way to lose only belly fat. So called spot reducing is a myth. This diet will help you lose unwanted fat on our entire body. You can easily avoid saturated fats and salt but your body does require the proper amount of unsaturated fats found in vegetables, fruits, green salads and nuts. Walnuts contain unsaturated fat so eat a handful every day. Beans are good to include in your diet especially if they are paired with rice which completes a whole protein.

Daily exercise is an absolute must if you want to stay healthy and lose fat permanently. If you do not enjoy going to a gym or if the cost is prohibitive, then walk, swim or bike for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day for a start. As you become accustomed to the exercise increase your time and difficulty. Walk briskly, bike up a hill or swim faster. The entire idea of exercising is to get the heart pumping which burns calories and strengthens the heart which is, after all, just another muscle. Any type of exercise that elevates your heart beat and/or causes you to perspire is good for you. Start your exercise routine slowly at first then as your body adjusts to the new demands placed upon it, increase the level of difficulty and length of time.

Check with your doctor to discuss your diet and exercise plan.
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