Breathing difficulty experienced due to inflamed and restricted airways is a medical problem that seems to increase in children exposed to antibiotics early in life. Canada pharmacies find symptoms like tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, cough, and wheezing commonly attacked children due to low immunity in early childhood. Several factors are responsible for negative response leading to symptoms of asthma in children.

Triggers like seasonal changes, infection, outdoor and indoor allergens are increasing and changing year by year. Severe complications force children to resort to antibiotics, but experts point out increased usage in childhood is responsible for early onset of asthma.

Research Confirms Higher Risk of Asthma with Antibiotics

Several studies have been conducted in the past linking asthma to increased use of antibiotics. Children are especially susceptible to medical complications or side effects, if antibiotics were used to treat respiratory illnesses and infection. An initial study conducted in Canada considered children without respiratory infections for study. Children introduced to a dose of antibiotics before reaching one year of age had 20% increased risk of asthma until the children were seven years old. Heavier dosage of antibiotics increased risk further until the maximum rate capped at 50% for four complete courses of medication before children turned a year old. Generic Spiriva from Canada pharmacies are usually prescribed for common symptoms found in respiratory disease.

Results of the study also presented an interesting observation. Researchers found children born in sterile environments devoid of allergens were more susceptible to strong doses of antibiotics. They demonstrated higher frequency of acquiring asthma, and experts reckoned it was because immune system in the body was not trained enough to fight infections. It must be exposed to different types of pathogens capable of creating medical complications like allergy during infancy. Exposure to severe seasonal changes helps children cope up with disease later on in life, if strong antibiotics are not used to fight early infection.

Results Same across Different Countries

Experts needed to verify results under different circumstances. Further studies were conducted on children living in industrial countries. Results accumulated from a large population of children born over a period of six years earlier than 2003 showed risk of developing asthma, especially in children treated with antibiotics before they completed a year. In other words, risk of asthma due to pollution increased only after one birth year irrespective of location and other environmental conditions.

In 2011, a study conducted in Yale connected exposure to antibiotics with altering bacteria balance in the body. The immune system was compromised suddenly and without warning making it vulnerable to infection. It takes one year for the immune system to mature. For example, infants are unable to generate antibodies on their own until they are at least nine months old. Any form of infection therefore aggravates existing medical conditions like respiratory infection due to asthma. Ct creates severe complications, as medication cannot be inhaled by small children.

Our Canada pharmacies suggest using antibiotics at a much later age. Children 12 years and above can be trained to use inhalers. People usually buy Spiriva and other asthma medication for effective treatment of asthma. If antibiotics are absolutely required, they can be used under medical supervision.

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