All Inclusive Trust Deed acronym AITD, and also known as Wrap-Around Mortgage simplifies all of the mortgages due on a single buyer. It often happens. You want to purchase a house, but you have already to pay mortgages on two or more houses. All Inclusive Trust Deed will help you combine all mortgages in to one deal.

To better understand, take for example a first existing mortgage of $250,000 with an interest of 6.4%. At the same time, you have another mortgage of $60,000 with an interest rate of 7%. With the help of AITD, the overall mortgage will become $315,000 at 8% interest (with some additional pay downs).

According to Dean Graziosi, AITD helps you counter all mortgages within one deal, no need to address another mortgage. Due to this capability of wrapping one or more deals in a single mortgage, it is given the name of Wrap-Around Mortgage. Dean Graziosi is an expert real estate magnet. He has made millions of dollars out of real estate business.

Like many of us, Dean started with a few hundred dollars in his hands. He was one of the poorest kids of his class. When he finalized first real estate deal of his life, he was no more than 18 years old. This happened some 20 years ago. Since then, Dean has never looked back. His hard work and determination laid him to the height of success, where only a few can reach.

Dean also teaches other aspirants of real estate rules and regulation of leading a successful career in real estate world. For this purpose, he runs forums and blogs. He has also written books. It is obvious from popularity of bestselling books that Dean is one of the best mentors of real estate world. Dean believes that in real estate world, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of each contract and agreement.

Let us have a look on advantages and disadvantages of All Inclusive Trust Deed.


• It is more flexible as compare to paying different mortgages on different deals.

• It allows negotiation on all of the terms including overall installment percentage.

• It includes all of the important financial issues including payment amount, interest rate, maturity date, late charges and prepayment penalty.

• It also allows those buyers who do not come up with large down payments.

• It also allows those buyers who have unusual credit history.

• Those buyers who do not qualify for a lender loan can also go for this option.

• The closing costs on AITD are very low.


• Underlying loans on the deals are overall high. This feature is more in favor of the seller as compare to buyer.

• In some cases, the lender might include “acceleration clause” thereby causing an instant quickness in the process of paying mortgage. Thus you must study all of the clause carefully. If you want to make any changes to the contract, take the action at the time, before signing the contract.

• If you are unable to pay the said accelerated loan, the property will be foreclosed.

• The buyer has to rely completely on the title company.

• Seller holds initial loan to make all payments.

Author's Bio: 

Dean Robert Graziosi born November 20th, 1968 is an American real estate investor and expert, TV personality, businessman, Entrepreneur, bestselling author and motivational speaker. Graziosi is perhaps best known for his long running infomercial series on late night TV (since 1999 until present) where he offered his real estate books direct to consumers. He has written five books which have dominated the real estate book sales space starting in 2006.

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