You tell yourself to hold your tongue, to buck up, and keep your eyes on the prize. But you can’t, not like this. Why, of all people did it have to be you? You’re not too bad of a person, so as soon as you have silently told yourself not to; you start to cry.

It’s unfair really, you have looked back, checked and rechecked the past and nothing you did deserves this. The pain is something you haven’t felt before, the tears have come and gone, and yet the emptiness it still there, like a gaping hole in a water balloon. The feeble attempts you exert to patch the hole, the bigger it seems to get. No comforting word, not an action of love can end it. What you have
lost is bigger than you, bigger than anyone. What can you do? Stay in this barren wasteland of eternal sadness?

You have two options here, and what you do, will not only change you, but the others around you. You may not know, but you are always watched, thinking you act for yourself, and your sadness it unfelt by loved ones and neighbors is a selfish thought. Back to your choices, you can drop yourself and let this
sadness destroy you from the inside out, or breathe.

Let me tell you this, friend, brother, neighbor, it’s not too late, by locking arms and marching to a common goal you shall survive. Humans are civil creatures and to leave a brother behind is not something to be taken lightly. So, it is time to stand and fight the sorrow that has held your heart in clamped, wrinkled hands. Whether you have lost a loved one, hope, or Jerry your dog the world can be one to kick you when you’re down and yet the people of this world will be standing, waiting, for your eyes to lift up, and you hands to extend, and your voice to call out for help.

The goodness in people is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you feel it, and you see the effects of the wind, and but the time you have opened you eyes to see the people surrounding you, you’ll understand, they have bathed you in their love by the gifts of sympathy, physical and not. A gift given in love is something more precious than any amount to glamour and allure sent by the unfeeling.

Let yourself be loved, and lift up your face.

Author's Bio: 

Guinevere Saxen is a writer and contributor for the Grief Resource Center at Planet Gift Baskets, an industry leader in Sympathy Gifts & Sympathy Gift Baskets.