With the pandemic continuing to affect our everyday lives, Valentine’s Day will be like no other in 2021. With the UK being placed in another lockdown, it’s difficult to determine how we’ll be able to spend Valentine’s Day this year depending on restrictions. However, just because the typical dining night out or trip to the cinema might not be possible, it doesn’t mean to say that this Valentine’s Day can’t be made a special one – you just need to find some creative ways to bring the romance home.
Whether you have a special someone to spend the day with or are going solo this Valentine’s Day, we discuss how to solve some common dating dilemmas and how to treat either yourself or your partner.
What should I do instead of eating out?
Since restaurants remain temporarily closed, finding a romantic alternative to having a fine dining experience with your partner may be more of a challenge than usual.
However, you could always bring the restaurant home to you. Purchase a new cookbook or two this Valentine’s Day and cook up a three-course meal with your partner in the kitchen. Then, transform your dining room into a romantic setting with some candle-lit lighting, background music, and a fancy table display.
What should I wear for a FaceTime date?
Since physically attending a first date isn’t possible right now, you might have organised one to take place over a FaceTime call on Valentine’s Day this year. If so, finding an outfit that is smart, but not too smart considering you’re still at home, is not an easy task.
The term ‘smart casual’ can never be taken too literally in this case. Women could style a high neck, knitted jumper with a pair of leggings and cosy socks, making for the perfect winter apparel that is smart but not too fancy. Or, you could even sport one of your casual day dresses with a pair of tights and some slipper boots for an outfit that is both stylish yet comfy. As for the men, your favourite button-down shirt paired with chinos or jeans is an ideal smart-casual look that is still comfortable enough to wear to the lounge. Don’t forget your slippers!
From me to me: gifts to treat yourself with
Prioritising self-care every now and then is something we all need. For those spending Valentine’s Day solo, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to something special and dedicate a full day towards you!
The cosy life
We all need a pyjama day from time to time, so why not have one in style this Valentine’s Day? Since we continue to spend most our time indoors, loungewear has never been more valued. So much so, Google search trend data reveals that the term ‘loungewear set’ experienced a 308 per cent increase in searches from 2019 to 2020.
With this in mind, treat yourself to a new piece of loungewear this February and look both trendy and confident while at home. Now all that’s needed is a blanket, a romantic comedy movie, and a cup of hot chocolate to create the perfect cosy night in.
The joys of jewellery
Jewellery can transform an entire outfit. Although right now you might feel there is no occasion you have coming up that requires jewellery, sometimes purchasing a new earring set or necklace can provide that extra boost of joy we need. Google search data collected between 2019 and 2020 reveals that the term ‘jewellery’ has experienced a 49 per cent average monthly search increase. The term increased from an average of 165,000 monthly searches in 2019 to 246,000 in 2020.
Whether you prefer a silver chain necklace or a rose gold ring, treat yourself to a new jewellery piece this Valentine’s Day and feel confident in your at-home outfit.
A ‘me’ night
Not all gifts have to be tangible. Instead, treating yourself to a ‘me night’ is a great gift your body and mind will appreciate.
Google search data found that an increasing number of people took an interest in self-care in 2020. The term ‘self care night’ experienced a 133 per cent increase in searches, as well as ‘pamper night’ experiencing a 69 per cent increase. So, run a bubble bath, treat yourself to a face mask, and use the day to prioritise you!
Gift guide: what to buy for your partner
Finding the perfect gift to give your partner is not always easy. So, with Valentine’s Day approaching fast, we discuss some simple yet romantic ways to surprise your partner this February.
A sweet treat
Indulging in our favourite foods is what we all crave – one of the most common cravings we share being chocolate. If you’re looking for the perfect occasion to treat yourself to a box of chocolates, then Valentine’s Day is ideal.
Google search data finds that the nation’s adoration for chocolate continues to increase, with the term ‘Valentine’s chocolates’ increasing by 52 per cent from 2019 to 2020. Although a small and simple present to give, finding a subtle way to ask what their favourite chocolate is and surprising them with it is something they’ll appreciate.
Old school love letters
It remains uncertain whether the nation will be able to see their partner on Valentine’s Day if they live in a different household. Although this isn’t exactly how we would prefer to be spending Valentine’s Day, there are some romantic gestures you can do to put a smile on your partners’ face – like writing a letter and sending it in the post.
Although technology has made texts easier and faster to send than a letter in the post, Google searches for ‘love letter’ increased by 22 per cent between 2019 and 2020, proving old romantic gestures continue to be a hit with the nation.
The classic Valentine’s Day gift
Cliché or classic? Teddy bears have for many years been a popular go-to Valentine’s Day present, and Google search trend data suggests that this classical gift isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Data reveals that the term ‘Valentine’s Day teddy’ experienced an 85 per cent increase in searches from 2019 to 2020.

It’s no secret that our Valentine’s Day plans are likely to look quite different from what we initially had in mind. However, it is all about finding a compromise that can be enjoyed as well as complying to the COVID-19 guidelines put in place. So, get thinking of some creative ways to fix your dating dilemmas this Valentine’s Day and start shopping for a present for either yourself or your partner now!


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