Close your eyes, taking in a deep breath, breathing out all negative energies and relaxing your whole body.

See yourself now standing in front of a beautiful Crystal Palace. This Palace is made entirely from quartz crystal. It stands majestically in front of you, sparkling and emanating the most beautiful crystalline colors. Every color imaginable glistens in the golden light of the Spiritual energy it stands within.

There are the most exquisite sounds emanating from its structure, like heavenly choirs that emit a low and sweet Angelic melody. It fills your senses and penetrates your very Soul. All around are Angelic Beings of every color and size who are flitting in and out of the very infrastructure of this Heavenly Palace.

This is the Palace of the King of Angels Himself, Lord Metatron. It is here where all Angels live and move and have their being within his huge auric field that penetrates the very body of the Heavenly Dimensions of time and space itself.

You walk inside this vast Palace and are met with a symphony of Angelic music, laughter, joy and Divine essence. All around are the hundreds and hundreds of Angels that live within this Palace in timelessness and spacelessness. They emit a bright light, each one also emitting a distinctive musical signature that harmonizes with the whole.

Their very origins are from the Divine Light of God and Lord Metatron. This Angelic Ashram is filled with such Divine love, it overflows into your entire Soul, filling every part of you with a peace that is indescribable.

As you take in this spectacular array of light, sound and love, you see Lord Metatron coming towards you. He appears, clad in the most exquisite golden and bejewelled robes, a statuesque, handsome and beautiful being with such majesty and kingly presence that you are in awe of his magnificent personality. He greets you with a majestic bow and asks you to follow him into an inner chamber.

This beautiful chamber is once again filled with every Angel imaginable, and you are asked to take a seat in the center of the chamber.

Lord Metatron introduces you to your personal Guardian Angel who is very familiar to you. For this Angel has been with you in every lifetime since your first creation. Your Guardian Angel tells you that all Angels help humanity in their Spiritual missions and
in their Spiritual growth. Since time began in Earth’s history Angels have appeared to
many, but in the coming times on Planet Earth, you will have more and more connection and interaction with all types of Angels. You just need to open your heart to their loving energy and invite them in. Ask for help of any kind and your Angels will be there ready and willing to guide you in whatever it is you need.

Your Guardian Angel now touches your Third Eye with his/ her golden hand and you are immediately aware of your Lightbody becoming lighter, and your awareness of the Divine Plan carried out by the Angelic Realms is instantaneously opened. You see into your very own personal Book of Life in the Akashic Records and are overcome with an inner knowingness that all throughout your many incarnations you have been helped by the Archangelic and Angelic Realms.

Your vision shows you now how Planet Earth will soon be more in touch with the Angelic Realms and their part in the Divine Plan.

Archangel Metatron steps forward once again and touches your Crown Charka with his golden staff. He says this will open your latent Angelic DNA Patterns within your being to attune you more with the Archangels and Angels of God in your daily life. For truly you have the essence of Metatron within your cells and etheric body make-up.

As Metatron steps back and your Guardian Angel takes you by the hand, you are touched by hundreds of tiny Angel wings as they fly past you, leaving a minute but powerful feeling of joy and love.

You are now ready to leave and return to the physical realms once again. You take back with you a part of Metatron’s Crystal Palace and Angelic energy which gives you a permanent feeling of love and joy throughout your heart, a reminder that the Angels and Archangels are ever close by ready to assist in any thing you need.

When you are ready you may open your eyes.

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