Increasing workplace productivity is a major source of stress in the workplace. Management is under pressure to get more done in less time at less cost. Workers are under pressure to learn new technologies, or new procedures with out-dated technologies. The resulting stress can be crippling, physically and emotionally.

There is a solution. Some experts recommend discussing this with management. This is good advice. However, their perception is usually that the less work you do, the more work they have to do. You need a creative solution to your problem.

Here are 5 ways that creative problem solving will aid in increasing work productivity:
1. Eliminate time wasting inefficiencies. Every workplace has bottlenecks caused by inefficient systems or procedures. Whether it’s a old technology or procedures that make no sense at all, these daily frustrations drag down your productivity. Approaching them as problems and finding creative solutions allows you to focus on your real, productive tasks.
2. Engage co-workers. You may be able to get more accomplished by having others doing it for you. But you have to offer them something in return. Sometimes it’s dinner. Sometimes it’s taking their tasks when needed.
3. Structure your time tighter. Use a time management system and prioritization system that ensures that the most important tasks get worked on first and can excluded unnecessary distractions.
4. Use your spare time to maximum use. This does not mean “do work over lunch.” It does mean “use your lunch hour to educate yourself” whether on goal setting systems, the newest software system.
5. Use stress management coaching. An effective coach will help you focus on obstacles, give you confidence in your ability to overcome any problems, and work with you individually to develop your own creativity. The emphasis here is on stress management to alleviate the stress of this situation.

Not taking action means more of the same. More impossible deadlines and quotas. More stress and little to no relief. More deep breathing at your desk while more piles of work appear.

The solution is to have a system that transforms stressful situations. By turning the situation into something else, the stress is reduced or eliminated. Without all that stress, you can have a clearer approach to the situation. You have more energy to focus on the solution. You will feel joy, not simply relief, when everything is resolved.

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Rick Carter created STRESS JUDO COACHING, aggressive stress management coaching for maximum personal effectiveness, based on his 17+ years of experienced in the courtroom and 25+ years of experience in the dojo (martial arts school). Rick is a certified coach and attorney licensed in 3 states. If you want to develop the mindset of a black belt martial artist toward stressful situations, go to STRESS JUDO COACHING.