Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.
Henry Adams

Where there is chaos, there is opportunity for growth. Challenging the status quo of life reminds you to continuously stay open to change. Using history as a base, chaos has preceded discoveries in all areas of life. So by utilizing this model in your life, there is good reason to recognize the benefits of creative chaos.

Living your life on automatic pilot, following the same thought patterns over and over again, creates stagnation. This is where many people end up living out their lives. Feelings of security in sameness breeds a false sense that change does not occur.

Life is anything but that! Change is consistently happening. The same circumstances will never prevail from one instance to another. In many ways, as soon as you fall into a routine, that routine is already unproductive and non-serving.

Order breeds habit, which breeds contentment with what is. With life flowing by like a river, this habit is akin to a rock placed in the middle of the river. Life flows over and around you. And because you refuse to move or adjust, it will wear you down over time. When you finally do get knocked off your base, you bounce here and there with no direction or path.

This is chaos in the making!

If you don’t learn from these occurrences, you set yourself up for more of the same down the road. Being able to grasp new concepts allows for growth, which allows an expansion in ways we cannot yet fathom. Many times this period of growth opens to seemingly radical concepts. In reality, these are not radical at all, just adjustments to new evidence that flows from the circumstances we live in.

Evaluate your daily life. Do you move through it on automatic pilot, thinking everything stays the same? Do you get thrown for a loop when new experiences or challenges show up because they don’t fit into the model you’ve always known?

How do you handle these? Do you ignore them, hoping they’ll go away so you can be comfortable with what you know or do you embrace these chaotic moments as a time to switch into a higher thinking mode?

Allow you imagination to flow freely. Instead of thinking “why,” think of the “why nots!” Nothing is holding you back from growth except the limits you place on yourself. What you consider chaos is really an opportunity. Are you up to that challenge? Are you willing to step away from your habits?

Evaluate your daily routines. Some routines serve you well in completing certain tasks, yet too much routine can stifle your growth. This sets the scene for not being aware of new possibilities and opportunities. Many times the feelings of Being Stuck or not being afraid to step into unknown territory are markers signaling a need for creative chaos.

Have fun with this. Change up your routines, throw chance to the wind, do something completely out of character with your norm. Mix things up with a bit of creative chaos once in awhile. You’ll be amazed at the new ideas that come to the surface. Give your imagination a chance to soar. Be a bit wild and crazy! Take the path least traveled and see what there is to see.

Sometimes it good to shake yourself up. Turn your world inside out and see what falls in place. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little chaos as a reminder to stay off that darn Rhinoceros Path.

You have the power to create your life. Take that knowledge and shake it up to see where you’re headed. Change your perspective to see the world in a new, expanded light! I double dare you…

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.
Albert Einstein

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