With the variety of cooking oils available in the market and newer oils slipping into the grocery store, it can be confusing sometimes for one to decide which is the healthiest oil for your family. In India, the oil you use in your kitchen is largely dependent on where you hail from. If you belong from for cooking oils Kerala, it’s coconut oil, in Rajasthan its sesame, towards the north-east its mustard and the central part use groundnut oil.
One of the vital points to keep in mind is that oil behaves differently when exposed to heat, it changes its texture, color, and its taste. If the oil you choose has a low smoking point, a lot of nutrients are destroyed once it reaches its smoking point and it can also form a harmful substance. Oils like saffola tasty are known to have a high smoking point. The more refined an oil, the higher will be its smoke point because refining helps in removing impurities and free fatty acids that can cause the oil to smoke. They have a neutral taste, odor, and a clear appearance.
Replacing bad fats with healthier fats is better for your heart. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing healthier nontropical vegetable oils. Canola, corn, olive, safflower, and sunflower oils are some examples of cooking oils that contain good fats and less saturated fats and are considered as the best oil for health. Combinations of these oils are usually sold under the category of vegetable oils.
Different oils have different health benefits whereas different oils suit different situations. The price of cooking oil also matters to some extent. Quality cooking oils cost more as they are more difficult to produce. Price is an indicator of the quality. Majority of cheap oils are refined to a large extent and tend to lose the natural flavor and goodness.

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