I was on a hike with my sister-in-law and the subject of summer-school came up. I remember that I enjoyed the sciences well enough to take Chemistry in high-school over the summer as a way of getting ahead. Reflecting on chemistry and about the world at a distance, the idea came to me that we are like molecules and atoms on this planet.

Some of our connections and bonds are strong and can withstand heat and other forces. My wife and I, for example, just celebrated our 20th anniversary together, and we’re still going strong!

Sometime when molecules come together, they create energy, and sometimes when they come together, they drain energy. You remember “endothermic” and “exothermic” reactions – the same is true of interactions between people.

So as we’re making our way through life and through the sea of atoms and molecules known as other people, especially in business, we must remember that some relationships will automatically feel like there is good “chemistry” and some relationships won’t. There is always an abundance of people to strike up relationships with, so don’t get hung up if some relationships are easy, some require energy, and others just aren’t worth the hassle to try to keep them stuck together. Some people just repel others, and that’s OK – do what you can to move on and find a better fit.

And if you can’t easily separate from someone because of commitments or family connections, then you may simply need to reserve a little extra energy to provide acceptance and understanding.

Above all, always stay fascinated in the process and the miracle of being human. Enjoy!

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