If you've ever been in a serious, committed relationship, you know that there will be stressful moments. Whether it's "Honey, you never do the dishes!" or "Why do I always have to walk the dog?" - there's bound to be a time when the two of you don't click perfectly. Don't worry - it's natural to get a little cranky every once in awhile. However, you've got to find a positive, constructive way to deal with your frustrations if you want to build a strong and healthy relationship.

The following are some of the biggest sources of relationship stress:

1. Lack of Trust

Being in a relationship requires a certain amount of freedom for both parties - you'll go crazy if you feel like your partner's constantly smothering you. However, this liberty can only come from a mutually trusting relationship. If you feel like your partner's been dishonest or as if he or she doesn't have your best interests at heart, it's time to identify the source of these feelings and remedy them as quickly as possible. Allowing trust issues to go unaddressed is one of the biggest reasons why relationships fail.

2. Sexual Intimacy

While it's funny to joke about the differences between married and unmarried couples, the reality is that problems with sexual intimacy can put a big strain on your relationship. Whatever the situation, it's important to be clear and upfront with your own needs. Nothing good comes from repressing your feelings and holding back on your needs. Of course, you both may have to compromise if your partner's needs are significantly different than your own, but finding a workable solution is part of building a strong relationship.

3. Lack of Communication

So maybe men aren't from Mars and women aren't from Venus - but it does feel like we're speaking different languages sometimes. Learning to communicate on an intimate level is absolutely essential to ensure that your relationship is fulfilling for both of you. If you're out of practice, try setting aside 15 minutes each day in a quiet place to discuss your aspirations, thoughts, feelings - or just what happened in your day.

4. Money

Whether you have it or you don't, money issues can put a strain on your relationship. Few people grew up openly discussing their financial situations, which makes it harder for us to address these issues in our relationships. But it's time to start talking - some experts believe that more than 50% of divorces can be attributed to financial stress. Sit down with a financial planner and speak openly with each other about your current situation and your monetary goals for the future.

5. Housework

Yes, it sounds cliché - but how and by whom the household chores get done is a major stress factor for many couples. It's important to talk about this with your partner, but try to do so from an objective standpoint without relying on counterproductive blame. If you feel you're doing more than your share, write a list of everything you do, share it with your partner and try to find constructive, positive ways to improve the situation.

6. Conflict Resolution

How you fight says a lot about your relationship. If you tend to be disrespectful of your partner or if you're unwilling to compromise when you argue, you may need to work on your conflict management skills. Over time, the frustration of constant fighting and inefficient conflict resolutions will eat away at the love you have for your partner - so find a constructive way to deal with these problems now.

7. Compatibility Issues

You like a clean house - your partner's a slob. Or maybe you hit the sack early, while your partner stays out all night with friends. Let's face it - you're never going to find a perfectly compatible soul mate. However, the way you handle these disparities makes a big difference in the atmosphere of your relationship. Whenever you find yourself getting frustrated, take a deep breath and ask yourself if this is really something that's worth getting upset over. Chances are, it'll be better to let go of the little things to help maintain a strong, healthy relationship.

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