I have the great honor of taking Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) from one of the best teacher of any subject I have ever encountered. In addition to learning this fascinating subject, I have learned a great deal about the Japanese culture, language, unique topics such as Kotodama and mostly, learned a lot about myself.

Izumi san is a true fine artist at heart. Aside from exquisite skills, her manner of speaking is a blend of philosophy and poetry. That is what happens when you follow your Tao, your way and speak from the heart.

Regarding this tragedy in Japan. . . . she posted the following:

Explaining Japanese mentality. . . 我慢:がまん, “Gaman” means to endure with dignity for the sake of others. I also grew up with this word repeated by my parents or others. “がまんしなさい” Gaman shinasai! Don’t complain, suck it up!”

Wow! Very strong, inspiring words for all of us, under ANY conditions.

Domo arigato Izumi san.

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