If you have a family member or friend whom you believe is experiencing depression, it is imperative that you get them help. Depression can cause the person who is experiencing it to be unable to recognize the symptoms in themselves. If you see changes in someone’s behavior and notice a change in their sleep and eating patterns it might be depression that is the cause. There are many treatments available for depression and it is important that your family member get help before the depression leads to a tragic consequence.

Cognitive behavior therapy has been around for quite some time and has in recent years become a very viable option in the treatment of depression. This type of treatment is not a quick fix for depression. It will require hard work on the part of the depressed person. This can be difficult because the nature of depression is that the person will not have any motivation to seek out therapy or deal with their problem. That is the depression controlling the situation.

Treating depression with cognitive behavior therapy will require the depressed individual to keep a diary of their feelings about the significant events in their life. The goal is to question and change the thoughts that the depressed person will experience through their depressed eyes. The goal of cognitive behavior therapy is to question and test the assumptions that are made about events in the patient’s life. The treatment will seek to replace irrational thoughts with more helpful and realistic beliefs and assumptions.

This type of treatment for depression can be done on an individual basis or in groups. It has proven to be very successful in the treatment of depression, but the work is very difficult. The patient will have to want to change their way of thinking and behaviors. It can take a great deal of time for a patient to see results from their treatment. But once the healing has begun it is very profound.

For those who have been experiencing on and off throughout their life and have never sought this kind of treatment, it might be the treatment they have needed. Cognitive behavior therapy gets to the root of the cause of depression, which is a maladaptive thought pattern and behaviors. This approach is often a way for a depressed person to help their depression in a more permanent manner. Often drug therapy will help the person to feel better enough to work on their problems, but does not go far enough in treating the source of the depression.

Cognitive behavior therapy has provided many patients with relief from depression and anxiety as well as many mood disorders. It is worth looking into for the treatment of a difficult and long-term depression.

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