Sometimes coaches have personal fears and doubts about various aspects of coaching. For example, if you have never experienced presenting a group coaching program or tele-class before, that can be very stressful. This is especially true when the recording mechanism doesn’t work or the call center completely shuts down at the moment you are supposed to have the participants calling in, among other frustrations. Using an energy therapy technique like EFT can help you to discharge some of the unexpected emotional frustration, fear, upset - right on the spot.

As a coach,if you have ever had your own personal issues come up, you realize how upsetting and imbalancing this can be while working with your client. You may feel personal insecurities about being a coach or feelings of being inadequate. You may be reacting to your client with anger or frustration. In using EFT you can focus on the emotion you are feeling and clear it before the client feels your imbalance. This immediate energetic self-coaching can also support you to not only be a better person, but may keep you from reacting in that way again in the future. Energy therapy techniques like EFT are very effective and easy to use.

EFT can be a "Coach's Secret Tool" in how it absolutely helps you to be a better coach for your clients as it also supports your clients who may be stuck in self-sabotage and really want to go forward consciously.

You probably know of clients that have been focused on their intention and yet they kept running into a wall. I would say that 15 minutes of facilitated EFT would break down that wall for them so that they could go forward and be amazed. It is easy to guide and teach, and I feel it is such a wonderful, vital tool for coaches.

Many people have frustrations with social networking - are you one of them? There seems to be more involved in typical marketing of a simple coaching practice than ever before, and this is bound to cause frustration for some people. In a series of tele-calls for coaches I focused on the concept of not having enough time in the day for doing social networking in addition to everything else on the to-do list. The call was popular and we used EFT to clear frustration, anger, impatience, resentment, and other emotions that came up around the issue of adding more to over-wrought coaches' calendars. (You may access a free recording of this call at a link listed below.)

Another issue that may plague you as it does many other coaches is the sense of murkiness or confusion about the coaching program they wish to launch and identification of the exact target audience. That murkiness and confusion can deter you in attracting what you desire because laws of attraction cannot work for you when your desire is unclear. Using EFT to clear any inner blockages about this will not only ease your stress, but will also support you to make clearer decisions about your practice and what you want.

So, if you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, then using energy therapies like EFT will transform your coaching practice. EFT is very easy to learn, is painless, is quick, and you can easily become a trained facilitator as you apply EFT to your issues and then apply the technique in your practice.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is known internationally as Coach Alchemist and Energy Psychologist with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services. She specializes in using N-hanced EFT (Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique), an energy clearing modality combining NET and EFT for conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and release of trauma. Anne invites you to learn how you may clear inner blocks, self-sabotage, and pain for yourself or your clients by visiting her free EFT Resource Center. You may also wish to investigate her 6-month EFT Coach Apprenticeship program.