Have you noticed that sometimes an issue, particularly a stubborn life theme issue, has a tendency to reappear just when you thought it had been cleared for good? There are several dynamics at play here. The obvious answer lies in taking a good look at the progress you’ve made and being very gentle and patient with yourself. Remember, you are taking a very proactive position and you are clearing in a matter of years what may have taken lifetimes to clear without the conscious work you are putting into it. And, the ego, in a misguided attempt to protect itself from annihilation, will almost always rear up in protest just when you are about to take a leap in consciousness. This is commonly referred to as the “dark night of the soul”, “spiritual madness” or “kundalini syndrome”. Look at it this way: Before the leap in consciousness, or clarity, the cells of the body are kicking off much debris and accumulated energetic patterns. You feel it as it is being released. There are some very specific physical signposts as you move into higher awareness which may help you in identifying what is happening. As the third eye opens, there is increased frontal lobe and temporal lobe activity which causes some reactions in the body. Five physical signs of this activity are sinus problems, pain at a small triangular point at the base of the sacrum, left calf pain or cramping, upper head headaches and ear ringing. These are usually short-lived as the body eventually catches up with the new vibrations.

Also, sometimes we have a tendency to recreate a pattern due to habituated modes of thought and programming. That is the angle which we are going to look at in more detail. Handled properly, it will greatly mitigate the above reactions.

The body holds a pattern which continually recreates itself until something, like the higher consciousness clearing work coupled with a new decision, interrupts the pattern. For example, you might use God Force Energy and the light of your own soul to clear the patterns/energy from the body, the cells, the chakras, the energy bodies, etc. Once cleared, it is filled with golden light and grounded. This can be extremely effective; you can watch the burdensome energy leaving the field.

In looking at the brain, you see that same program is embedded in the structures, memories and neural pathways. If the brain were a computer, it would be the hardware. It is the control center of the body with more than 100 billion neurons sorting and sifting incoming information and using it to guide the body through an infinite variety of different movements and messages. Of its own accord it does not think or reason; all it knows is what’s been programmed. And, in a properly functioning brain, it will continue to send out the same message until it’s told otherwise. Therefore, sometimes the pattern is recreated in the body pretty quickly; you can watch the brain light up, recreating the pattern and sending it back into the body via the neurological pathways, the central nervous system and the energetic pathways. None of this patterning in the brain or in the mind is real. They are simply pictures, or memory traces. They are merely signals being sent to our senses. However, it still has a pretty powerful effect on the physical which doesn’t recognize its illusory nature.

The mind is like the computer software. It does the programming for the brain. Typically, the mind gets stuck in mental loops, habitually recreating old programs. Deepak Chopra teaches that one thinks tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Before we become too impressed with our intellectual capacity, consider this. Approximately 96% of the thoughts we think are the same thoughts we thought the day before and the day before that and the day before that.

Some of the thoughts may not even be ours. Some may be the result of unconsciously connecting with the collective unconscious, past life programming or even genetic programming born of our ancestors who may have been quite a bit less evolved than we like to think we are today. So, the mind must also be cleared or it may reprogram the brain which will then recreate the patterns in the body. It sounds a little convoluted, but we’re dealing with a pretty complex animal here.

Our thoughts create our core beliefs which create our emotions which energetically create thought forms or elementals which then create energetic patterns. At some point in our spiritual evolution, we must step up and discipline our thoughts. We must interrupt the process of negative thinking and affirm the positive. This is not done in the spirit of suppression, but in the spirit of choice and in the spirit of awareness.

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Pamela Arwine has authored and created dozens of meditation CDs which address myriad levels and aspects of the evolutionary journey we are all traveling. From physical healing to karma, from emotional issues to the bliss of enlightenment and Oneness, Pamela intends to help one achieve clarity and healing on all levels, systematically stripping away the blocks to the remembrance and manifestation of one’s true holy nature. This work is supported by private sessions, workshops and classes.

Founder of Lemurian Light Healing and Quantum Healing Energetics, Pamela has 14 years experience as a spiritual healer, counselor and instructor. She brings to this work her extensive training in an effective blend of alternative modalities which include successful certification in Quantum Quest Spiritual and Intuitive Counseling and Holistic Healing, Usui Reiki (Master Teacher), Karuna® Reiki (Master Teacher) Rubenfeld Synergy™ Method, Akashic Records Reading, Advanced Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. Her classes, CDs and private sessions have helped countless people transform their lives in beautifully profound ways.

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