I. Definition
Autism is one of the most common forms of brain development disorder and one in 166 child is diagnosed with some forms of autism. Children who are diagnosed with autism tend to have weak immune system and auto immune problems. Autism is defined as medical condition in which a child has some of the following impairments
a) Speech
b) Social and communication skills
c) Limited interest
d) Repetitive behaviour

II. Causes of Autism
1. Antibiotic
The conventional medicine tends to prescribe the mild form of antibiotic for infant and young children, if they are diagnosed with infection or inflammation. The side effect of medication, if overdoses or over uses may increase the risk of nutrient deficiency as resulting of good bacteria being destroyed, causing imbalance of micro bacteria in the digestive system. Also virus tends to produce resistance to antibiotic if overuse, leading to weakened immune system in defend our children's body against other invaders.

2. Vaccination
While organic forms of mercury are more easily absorbed when ingested and some forms of mercury are eliminated from the body very slowly. Methyl Mercury in thimerosal is 50 time more toxic than its organic form. if the child can not remove it through natural secretion, it may be accumulated in the central nervous cell, leading to poisoning and damaging the nervous cells.

3. Environment toxins
There are over 5000 man made chemicals in our environment and most of them are considered very toxins to us. The immune system of our children and infant is not strong as we are, if they are unintentional exposed to highly toxic materials, they may not be able to secret them, causing toxins accumulation in the liver and brain cells, leading to poisoning.

4. Infectious diseases
There are many types of infectious diseases which can be transmitted easily to infants and children, because of imperfection of their immune system such as meningitis, causing inflammation to the central nervous system that damages the brain cells of the infants and children.

5. Food allergic reaction
For what ever reason, certain food chemical compounds which are well tolerated by most of the children, can cause central nervous system inflammation. While the inflammation caused by food allergy can easily treat, but most parents or conventional doctors have made a mistake by not detecting them early, leading to psychological effect of development disorder.

6. Biochemical Abnormality
Some infants was born with low in sulfur amino acid which are important for liver detoxification, causing weakened liver function in eliminating the toxins in the foods, air and drinks, leading to poison entering the blood stream and accumulating in brain, causing psychological problems.

7. Hypothyroidism
Sub clinical hypothyroidism is a type of thyroid disease which can not be detected by conventional blood test, it is often found to associate with symptoms of low temperature, accompanied by cold feet and hands, pale complexion, late teething, difficulty with focusing in school, mood swings and developmental delays or mental retardation, causing weakened immune system and nutrient deficiency, leading to autism.

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