Chiasma Means The Opposite Side, But Who Cares?

Wanna be in-the-know about a two-minute exercise to instantly
wake up your learning skills and long-term memory? Wait. Do
you have trouble getting invigorated and creative at 9 am?

Do you suffer from the 2 pm blues when your brain is running on empty
and half-asleep?

Forget about a learning curve and six-months to master the complicated
steps, this baby-easy exercise makes you feel like Superman on steroids.


A week ago we gave the secrets of Instant-Sleep to our readers. The knowledge
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“Priceless”, was the gist of one email. “It is the death of insomnia” claimed
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Chiasma does for learning and memory – what speed reading does for absorbing
new information – it triples (3x) your power to perform. Ready or not, here we go.


Did you know that less than 40% of memories are stored as Visual, Auditory or
Kinesthetic representations? What about the 60%?

They are stored in your brain circuits as MEANING. What kind of meaning? We want the gist, end, purpose and significance. It is called Semantic knowledge.

School, life and your career quickly forget what stuff looks, sounds, or feels like, it’s irrelevant. The secret to new knowledge is what it MEANS to you, in the real world.
How do you use new knowledge to be creative and improve your work product?

How do we gain (win) meaning?

Ask yourself Seven questions: What? Who? When? Where? Why? Which? How?
Start an Internal Dialogue (subvocalization: self-talk) – “What does this new stuff
remind me of? The answers produce MEANING.


Your brain is divided into two halves, your left-consciousness, and your right-
nonconsciousness. The left, as you probably know is logical, organized, linear
and language-oriented. Humans have given the 80/10 (Pareto Effect) rule to our brain.

Follow me closely, although 80% of our lives are run and controlled automatically
(nonconsciously) by our right-hemisphere, we give all the credit for our lives and
knowledge to our left-hemisphere. We are scared of our right-brain because
it contains our EMOTIONS, habits and instincts. It controls the most powerful
force in our brain-body connection – our autonomic nervous system. So what?

The Sympathetic Nervous System contains our FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT system,
and its primary job is to protect us from chronic STRESS and insure our
SURVIVAL. Stress is part of life, but chronic stress is a killer.


Very few laymen know 95% of our decisions and behaviors are created
in our right-hemisphere - not our left. Our right-brain commands deep understanding, including the meaning of METAPHORS, complex intentions and non-verbal body language. Empathy and self-esteem are based on nonconsciousness.

Our right-brain controls spatial understanding, pattern recognition and
parallel-processing (multi-tasking). It is HOLISTIC and concerns itself with the
CONTEXT of the big-picture. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems work in
parallel to protect us.

How come we devalue our right-brain, if it is so smart?

It operates without our knowing about its work because it is nonconscious and is
not under our willful control. Ever hear of Silent-But-Deadly! It scares us.

Secret: we must distract (inhibit) our conscious mind by giving it busy work in order to communicate with our nonconsciousness to create change and new habits.

What kind of busy work?

Counting numbers, reciting a mantra or singing a little ditty like BINGO! When we distract our left-consciousness, it opens up our right-nonconsciousness to follow our desires for new programming and employing new associations.

Example: wanna lose 20 pounds on your new diet – permanently?

You must reprogram your right-nonconsciousness. Willpower alone is a sure loser.
How about attracting wealth or healing your body or mind?

The answer is reprogramming your Right-Brain and its nonconsciousness.

The 1-2 Minute Exercise

1. Either stand up or sit upright while sitting at your desk. “Straighten Up-And-Fly-Right”.

2. Get used to this: grab (gently) your right earlobe with your LEFT thumb and
index finger. Continue to hold your right earlobe and simultaneously
grab your left-earlobe with your Right-thumb and index finger.

You have just performed an act of CHIASMA (< L crosspiece) a/k/a DECUSSATION – meaning a crossing. So far your arms are crossed.

3. Bend forward at your desk or do a standing squat – and inhale a slow, deep
diaphragmatic breath with each bend or squat. Continue your deep breathing for sixty-seconds while bending forward or squatting.

So far, we have our arms crossed and we are doing Diaphragmatic breathing.

Did you know that Optic Chiasma occurs when the inner half fibers of our
left and right Optic Nerves CROSS OVER to the OPPOSITE side of
our brain? Eh, who cares?

In plain English, your right-brain controls the left-half of your body,
while your left-brain runs the right side of the body. Unite them.

N.B. To ACE new knowledge and double your long-term memory, use
both halves of your brain. Crossing your arms and grabbing you earlobes
acts as ACUPRESSURE involving your body and mind. We want you to
activate both halves SIMULTANEOUSLY through diaphragmatic
breathing. Why? It causes deep Oxygenation of your brain for more energy.

4. When you exhale on bending upward or standing after squatting (mentally) count, one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc. The counting distracts your
left-brain and permits both halves to focus on Attention and Concentration.

Now try it until it feels sort of comfortable. Remember this exercise only requires 1-2 minutes total time. Do it daily for 21 days and you have created
a new habit for powerful learning and long-term memory. Start now.

See ya, this is a new beginning.

Question: would you own a major competitive advantage over your career peers
by reading and remembering three (3) books, articles and reports in the
time others can hardly finish one?

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