Another way to save money on entertainment, is to check out your local library. When you think about libraries, most people think about books. You can check out all kinds of books from the library - how-to, personal finance, fiction, cooking, children's books - you name it. Any time you hear about a book that sounds interesting, you can always check your library first. Most libraries in the country have inter-library loan systems, so if they don't have the book you want, they can get it. Not only are you saving money by not buying books, but sometimes you can learn things from them that may allow you to save more money. It is also great for books you will only read once or you can read the book and decide if it is worth purchasing. Many times I do end up purchasing a book but like to check it out first to make sure I am interested in buying it.

This can also help you control clutter in your home, if you check books out of the library instead of buying all of the books you are interested in reading. This is helpful for books you need for reference just once in awhile.

The library also has videos, DVD's, CD's, and magazines. There are book clubs, interesting speakers, and stimulating children's programs. Many libraries also offer movie viewings for kids. It's also a great place to access the internet if you don't have access at home. There are also classes on different topics such as computer programs, teaching people how to use computers, and other courses. Your library may also have private study rooms. Some also have meeting rooms either for rent or some are free for non profit organizations.

Most libraries now have access online that you can check availability of books, movies and other items and are able to reserve and renew items online. They may also have ebooks that you can download. Some libraries also either have book sales a few times a year or have books for sale all year long as a fundraiser. These books are either copies taken from the shelves or they have been donated by citizens.

Many libraries are also looking for volunteers, to help with shelving, and other duties. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity this may be something to look into.

With a little research you can find out what a treasure trove your local library can be.

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Nancy Kvamme is owner of In the Black Money Coaching. It is her goal to help others gain control of their finances. She also feels it is very important to teach financial literacy to children.