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Summary of Brenda’s December 26, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show on www.BlogTalkRadio.com: You will continue to birth the new you in the first months of 2012. That birthing process will include new systems of communication. Your uniqueness will become more obvious, as will your child-like joy of life.

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, channeled blog at www.Life Tapestry Creations.com: ”Join the Holiday Reality Club”

Dear Ones,

As you continue to expand your being with new splinters, you will need to adjust both your physical and emotional bodies. When your earth being was a mere 10% of your totality – as has been true for eons, you most often knew how you would react to an event. Now that your being is expanding to 20% or even 60% of your totality, you may notice many more variations in your reactions.

You will better understand this thought if you compare your new being to a committee and think of your old being as an individual. But unlike the common belief that nothing gets done in committee, your new being acts immediately and appropriately for the conditions.

Let us explain. You have participated in many committees – most of which were not productive. Perhaps one person held the committee hostage emotionally by insisting that his or her viewpoint was the only one to consider. Or the committee was made up of individuals who did not wish to be unique so no decisions could be made. Or the employer decided before the committee met what decisions needed to be made, so the committee was an unnecessary step in the decision process. Or many wonderful ideas were discussed within the committee but none implemented. Your new you is not like any of those committees.

Your new you is comprised of those splinters of your being who opted to join you during this transition for specific reasons. Each splinter has a specialty – and a personality we might add. So your personal committee functions differently than is true of most committees with which you are familiar. Your committee decides instantly which speciality splinter is most needed and then allows that splinter to complete the task.

At times, the splinter of you that is warm and loving will be at the forefront. At other times, the splinter best able to make technical decision will be. Neither is better than the other. Each just has different skill sets. At the same time, those splinters already part of your being, and those added with each new energy burst, have an overall committment to serve the you that is now on earth during this transition.

Think in terms of a number of specialists working for the same company committed to creating the best product possible. Sometimes the financial department will make the final decision, sometimes engineering, sometimes labor and yet at other times, the marketing department will lead. None of those areas is more important than the other – if they are all committed to the same quality product. So it is with you.

Your inner-being is now the “ring master” of your life on earth. Even though your mind continues as part of your totality, it is no longer the committee leader. Your inner-being accepted that role several months ago.

That is why it is so important to check in with your inner-being when you are confused, hurt, angry, joyful or any other emotion. Your inner-being is designed to automatically select the specialist splinter most right for the occasion – and that splinter will be given the lead by the totality of your being.

You may find yourself saying or doing something that appears out of the ordinary for you, but feels correct throughout your being. We have long told you that your goal is to become more child-like in terms of your communications and actions. Sleep when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Create the lifestyle that meets your needs.

The more you accept the lead provided by your splinter specialists, the more rapidly you will become the unique person you wished to be before your entrance on earth at this time. You will finally claim you for yourself. When new-born babies cry, do they care if anyone likes them? When two-year-olds fall asleep at the table, do they care about the appropriateness of such an act? At what age does it become inappropriate to express your uniqueness?

Ah! Now many feel that chaos can be the only result of such freedom. We beg to differ. Two-year-olds are drawn to some children and adults. They do not really care about the other children or adults unless punished for their choice. So those two-year-olds who wish to jump in puddles will be gathered in the park puddle. Those who wish to swing on the swings will be near the swing set. And it would not be at all unusual for some of the puddle jumpers to run to the swing set. So it will be with you.

Which is the preferred lifestyle? Attending the ballet because you should – given your income and academic background – or enjoying a night at a pub because you like that environment that evening?

As you acknowledge and accept the wisdom of your new splinters, you may find pleasures, friends and locations preferable to what was true for you in the past. At the same time, you will be more vocal in your needs and interests – sometimes to the point of surprising yourself. For you are no longer a product of society, but instead are rapidly becoming a unique individual who has much more to offer the world than the cookie-cutter person that was you of the Old Age.

Think of yourself as an innovative company that is willing to try new actions knowing that such actions will create new products, or in this instance, a new world. You are a scientist, engineer, teacher, lawyer, doctor, assembly worker, counselor, healer, chef and any other profession you can imagine. And the result of combining the skills/splinters you are acquiring with each new energy burst will change your being in ways you cannot yet envision.

Even though you are growing into your new being in spurts, you are already a new entity within your physical plant. And that new person is focused on changing the world and therefore, the Universes. You are a star far beyond any of those you now admire on the silver screen. You are a god or goddess filled with wisdom, love and child-like joy. So be it. Amen.

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