The foods you consume before working out will have an impact on how effective your workout is. What you eat will determine whether you have a successful session or give up within a short period of time. Even the best-laid workout plans tend to fail if you consume the incorrect foods.
Looking out for the best nutritionist in Mumbai is not sufficient. A sports nutritionist specializing in the field of sports nutrition can help plan pre workout meals for good results.

There are numerous foods that are beneficial for health in general and can yet be worse for your workout. Here are some to stay away from them for an optimum workout:

1. Salads are nutritious but not the best food prior to exercise because fibre from the vegetables and fruits slows digestion causing flatulence and bloating throughout your workout. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and peppers are heavy in indigestible carbohydrates, which give you the sense that your stomach is ballooning. They also do not provide the fuel for your workout. Therefore, avoid them just before a workout.

2. Fried foods: Fried foods are heavy in fat and difficult to digest - sometimes it takes hours. This can affect the workout since all the blood would be travelling away from the working muscles where it is needed and towards the stomach to aid in digestion. Too much of these foods can also cause heartburn during the workout.

3. Beans: Foods like hummus - made from chickpeas contain a lot of indigestible carbohydrates, which can lead to bloating and gas. Even though it is a nutritious snack option, you may want to stay away from it before working out.

4. Sugary foods: Foods with added sugar may seem as the ideal pre workout meal for the energy that it provides. However, when you consume refined sweets, your insulin levels quickly rise, leaving your body feeling sluggish and tired. Additionally, a high sugar diet might cause cramping and gastrointestinal discomfort while exercising.

5. Aerated beverages: These are bad for your body in many ways since they either have a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It could result in gastrointestinal distress - bloating and gas.

Connecting with the best nutritionist in Mumbai who also is an expert in sports nutrition or a fitness nutritionist can help you make the right food choices to help fuel your workout to get the desired results. You can be guided to understand which foods work for you and those that can be replaced with other healthy options. So, make food work for you to achieve your health and fitness goals with the help of a fitness nutritionist.

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Arati has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition as well as a post-graduation in Sports Sciences and Nutrition from Mumbai’s premier university – S.N.D.T. at Juhu. She also has a Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition.

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