“Working is meant to be fun. We spend most of our lives working. What a shame it would be if you’re spending that time doing something you hate.” – Sir Richard Branson

The concept of diversification seems pretty clear (and pretty important) when it comes to investments. What about careers? Having a portfolio of careers definitely makes sense considering what the world is going through right now. Instead of having one job and dealing with the potential complications it could bring, you have a host of little ones that add up to the same fulltime thing.

There are plenty of benefits. You get the freedom of setting your own schedule and doing it your own way, which makes you more likely to enjoy the diverse work you’ll do. Also, you’re not bound by the chance that things in one particular job might not go so well because you’ve got a host to back you up.

“Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” – Mae West

Of course, there are other complications that you must be aware of. You’ll definitely need to be disciplined and independent when it comes to managing yourself and dealing with any uncertainty this route may bring. And of course, you could very well miss out on a lot of the great support that comes from socialising with colleagues.

Still, I think it’s a great option for many and should be quite rewarding provided you have a friends and family to help you should things get tough. So, why not jot down some ideas? What are you good at, what do you like doing, and how could all this come together in a new and exciting way? Opportunities are everywhere if you’re just prepared to look.

“People don’t hate work. It’s as natural as rest or play. They don’t have to be forced or threatened. If they commit themselves to mutual objectives, they’ll drive themselves more effectively than you can drive them. But they’ll commit themselves only to the extent they can see ways of satisfying their ego and development needs.” – Robert Townsend

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