There are a number of ways to promote your blog and your blog niche by interacting with other people's blogs. The best way to start that interaction is by finding several bloggers that share your niche and write about the same or similar topics.

Leaving comments on their posts is a great way to start building a rapport and ultimately an exchange of ideas that can benefit you both.

As your blog's content grows, people in your niche will definitely mention you for intelligent or interesting discussions. This is, in a sense, an initiation of an interaction. When people speak of you, you should thank them for the mention and build up the interaction! Next open a dialog with them and see if there's a good meeting of the minds as it relates to your topic.

You should also consider using a traffic tracking script such as the free Stat Counter, so you can see where your traffic comes from. If a large number of visitors come from a certain blog, you can be sure they have mentioned you in their latest post or linked to you from their sidebar or links page. What you should do is pay them a visit, leave constructive comments on their posts and build up a conversation! It would also be great if you could include a link back to your blog within your comments. Check with the blogger first to make sure this is acceptable. Without permission the blogger may consider you a spammer and remove your comments/information.

As you continue doing this, you will start to gather a lot of friends in your niche. This is helpful later on when you decide to do collaborations such as interviews, or perhaps a joint venture where you can share each others contacts. In fact, when you're out of ideas for writing on your blog, you can interview other blog owners in your niche! Human beings are curious creatures, so naturally they would like to know more about a person whose writings they read so often.

If you're using WordPress, Textpattern, MovableType or any other advanced blog technologies, you can also post trackback links on your posts. This means you can post an article about what other people have posted! Your particular post will then appear as a link on that post you have written about. This is definitely a great way to get traffic if you post brilliant insights about an article on a very famous blog. Since the famous blog already has a pre-existing pool of readers, this is like a shortcut to hog their visitors! The only thing you would want to observe is to keep your posts sensible and insightful, or you'll be viewed as a spammer.

On the other hand, if you're using Blogger, you would not be able to use trackback links. However, you can post insightful comments on other people's blogs and subtly include a link back to your blog. You can make it seem like you're pointing to your blog as an extra reference to the subject of discussion. Of course, this technique is not only limited to Blogger users and users of other blog engines can employ this strategy as an additional traffic source.

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