A Real Story

In 2015, I had a mild pain in my stomach and a minute pain in my lower back. I ignored it, thinking that it must be an IBS problem that I suffered a few years ago. I rang up my family doctor to know exactly what was wrong with my body. I asked him, “is everything fine doc as I felt mild pain in my belly and lower back simultaneously. Is it serious?” Even he replied, “ Nothing serious, Ma'am, might be due to, had you tried drinking or had some odd food? That could be the reason.”

Even I got satisfied as I had a few drinks last weekend, due to a minor tension in the family. At first I thought that let me visit my gastroenterologist and get the endoscopy done, but later thought, forget about it as the pain had subsided soon and everything seemed perfect.

How i Got The Symptoms

After a few weeks the pain did recur, especially during the night, when I lay on my bed. But it was still mild, but made me think where to go that it should not come back. OK, I thought that I'll have a word with my boyfriend and let's see what happens. I did my job regularly and on Friday evening when I met Clint, my boyfriend, I told him the details. He suggested that we both should enjoy the weekend and he knew a person who used to do a CT scan, “we'll get your CT scan done on Monday. I'll get you an appointment with John and you can visit his lab on Monday morning, fine?”

How i Get Diagnosis

We both had lots of fun and he fixed my appointment on Monday at 11:00 am with John. I also send the message to my boss, who was as tough as old boots, and took me half an hour to explain my hardship. But he did grant me the leave as it was a medical one.

On Monday I reached John's lab, which I knew something like the back of your hand. “Good morning John” said I, the moment I reached near his sitting place. “A very good morning, Miss. Sandra, how are you?” “I am fine, but might be more finely when you do the CT scan authentically” I said. He grinned from ear to ear and whispered hmm.

And he made me lie down in the scanner and kept doing the CT scan. After about 15-20 minutes he said “come on, get up, it's all over and I'll tell Clint on the phone if everything is fine, OK”. I said “No just tell me on my mobile, you have my number?” “Yeah, OK, I'll tell you” he said. “OK Thanks John, here scan my card, but better make sure that the report is authentic”. He scanned my debit card and gave it back to me. He smiled, “no problem Sandra”.

He didn't call me on Wednesday, I went to collect the report after my office hours. When the report finally arrived in my hands, all hell broke loose, it was a report that had killed or cure in it. I had developed a tumor in the tail of my pancreas. I was devastated, I remained physically active, as I did a job on a construction site and used to climb and come down the stairs, many times a day.

I was just 34 years old. John was not there in his lab. I sat there crying, “how can this thing happen to me'' I said sobbing. The lab assistant asked me Clint's number and rang him up, after observing my condition. Clint called me soon and said he is coming to the lab and I better wait for him. He arrived after 20 minutes and took me in his strong arms, he was a professional soccer player, and kept wiping my wet cheeks. “Nothing is wrong baby, I'll help you choose a way that you will get fine in a natural way.” 

“How can that be possible, you know how scary it becomes for me to get admitted to a hospital, I am not going, maybe death is the only possible route left for me”, I said still sobbing. “Come on, let's go home” he kept holding me and took me to his car. “Let your car stay in the park, we'll pick it up later”, he said while patting my shoulder. We both reached home in a serious mood and didn't take dinner, but just went to bed without uttering a word.

From Giving Care to Getting Care

“Good morning baby” the next morning I heard a Clint's voice that woke me up. “Good morning” I woke up yawning, but very sad as I had developed Cancer. Clint smiled a bit and said, “darling, there is no need to go to a hospital as I had a word with my coach and his wife also had cancer and got her treated online & at home. She is absolutely fine now.” “Is it true” I asked in a very sad mood. “It's a fact. I'll show you videos of many people on YouTube that got healed with no side effects,” he replied.

'Treat me as Normally as Possible'

He took out his laptop and showed me several videos about patients talking all praises about doctors at Planet Ayurveda getting healed in a natural manner. “But, dear, most of the YouTube videos are fake,” I said slowly. “Most of them, but not all of them. Think in a positive manner and let's see their website to contact them,” he said very gracefully.

We opened the internet and searched the web site Planet Ayurveda. I contacted them through their whatsapp number(+91-6209123456) and had a word with a lady doctor, who politely assured me after paying a look at my CT scan reports told me that I'll get fine. She also asked about my history and all, what food do I eat, what drinks, everything about me, the history about my family in detail. I wry smiled a bit for the first time during those horrible days and hugged Clint for providing this information to me. “Thanks buddy” said I. He replied “anything for you baby”.

We had lots of conversations and went to collect the medicines from their Distributor in Fresno California. They blissfully gave us a Crab Care Pack, in a few HDPE containers whose dosage was different for each pack that we noted in our laptop. They prescribed a diet that I followed precisely as I didn't want to die so early.

A New Perspective on life

I quit smoking, lost some weight and altered my diet plans, added many green, fresh and seasonal veggies. Also adopted eating whole grains. I began thinking positive after a few months when my health started enhancing back. I had a gut feeling that I am going to 'stay alive', an old Bee Gees number.

I am following their prescriptions strictly for the last 7-8 months and I feel I have grabbed this cancer bull by its horns. Almost 80% OK, but will recover fully in a year and a half. I Thank Clint & Planet Ayurveda, for pulling me back from the clutches of death.

Author's Bio: 

I champion initiatives that build a culture supporting Diversity and Inclusion and team work. My background is in Online Advertising, and made the switch to the fascinating Localization Industry in 2018, where I hear, one never leaves.