One of the deadliest medical conditions in 21st century, i.e. cancer has been spreading drastically, also attacking victims from all age groups, and according to WHO, has now been globally known as world’s most lethal life threat. Along with it, it is really tragic that the primary causes of cancer lie into the daily aspect of globalization followed by reckless lifestyles and unhealthy measures for dealing with our daily bustle. And although medical practitioners at the western nations are trying their best efforts to find a cure, no concrete solution to this fatal disease has been found yet.

But astonishingly, the reference of such diseases had been recorded in the medicinal doctrines of our own Ayurveda, along with time-consuming, but 100% natural procedures to eradicate this disease without any side effects at all. And since medicinal records cannot be documented without proper results of success rate, it indicates that Ayurveda can cure and eradicate cancer, under the guidance of expert practitioners, and proper care. This is why Parijatak Ayurveda Clinic has set up its Ayurveda Cancer Hospital and has brought forward its natural and traditional approaches for curing cancer and eradicating any chance of future occurrence as well.

The reference of records of cancer treatment in the doctrines of Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda: the ancient medical science in India has had several references for using herbal approaches and homemade remedial measures for treating and curing several life-threatening tumors and diseases since time immemorial.
  • And with surgeries and chemotherapies being way too expensive to be afforded by all, medical researchers are currently looking forward to conventional treatment methods for cancer at a reasonable price.
  • It is a tragedy that we at India remain unaware of most of the wealth we possess beforehand and set out to look for foreign methods. Therefore, we at Parijatak have brought forward our cancer treatment in Nagpur and have taken the responsibility to implement the Ayurvedic therapeutic procedures, as mentioned in the manuscript of ‘Sushruta Samhitas’ which contains detailed instructions of treating and curing the inflammatory or non-inflammatory swellings and tumours of cancer by treating the nervous systems and repairing the metabolic defects in the body of the victim.

The superiority of Ayurvedic measures in curing cancer

  • The western approaches at curing cancer have come up with a very poor success rate in curing it, but with a very high probability if other side effects and recurrent ailments, thereby adding further problems to the victim.
  • Unlike them, the primary objective of Ayurvedic therapy is to identify the cause of the ailment and uproot with without imparting any side effect or damage to the body. We at Parijatak have found out that the herbal extracts obtained from plants such as Podophyllum hexandrum, Madhuca indica, Tinospora cordifolia and many others mentioned in Ayurvedic records have produced highly accurate results for counteracting the spread of cancer.
  • Because of their anti-cancer characteristics, we have incorporated their application in our ayurvedic treatment for cancer in Nagpur, because our experts have conducted the forensic analysis of their chemical compounds as well as the biochemical mechanisms that naturally boost the organ systems of the body and further strengthen the immune system of the body.

Ayurvedic cancer treatment induces almost zero side effects

  • Every single Ayurvedic plant product has been found to have several active compounds which provide medicated treatment because of their synergistic activities and eliminating any chances of side effects.
  • The principle of Ayurveda is not to provide expensive medications and make our body dependent on it for a lifetime; Ayurveda aims to provide the necessary support to our body and help it to cure its problems on its own.
  • Which is why, because of our natural therapies for combating cancer and ensuring the victim’s body becomes even healthier than before, Parijatak has now become the best cancer hospital in Nagpur. More than 30% of medications used in the last 20 years of Ayurveda treatments are directly obtained from plants, while the others are naturally synthesized herbal components.
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Dr. Nitesh Khonde, MD, BAMS is a world-renowned Ayurvedic Healer for the patients who are struggling through various medical conditions. He owns an Ayurvedic Clinic in Nagpur called Parijatak Ayurveda. Being Ayurvedic Expert in a wide array of specializations, Dr. Nitesh Khonde strives hard to treat patients with care and also offer a free consultation. You can connect him on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. You can even reach him by email at