Can you solve a labyrinth if you cannot see the exit? You can find a way out but it depends on the complexity of the labyrinth. Maybe you get lost or waste too much time and the gate is closed.

Success is also like a labyrinth. You must see where you should go. You must be sure about your goals to achieve them, otherwise you get lost.

There is also another option. Sometimes you just want a way out no matter what it is. You just want success any way. This type of thoughts open too many exits for you and you get out of your labyrinth from the first exit you find. This is success, you finally find the exit but it can be different from you imagined.

You must be certain about what you want. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? You must be specific about the exit.

How can you be successful?

There is no right way or the only way for success. You should not think about the ways. You should not try to define the way of success. You should only know where you want to go. Do not think that you will get lost unless you know how to find the exit. If you can see the exit, your way will be lightened itself.

It is just like in the labyrinth. You know where the exit is. When you have to choose one possibility, you judge for a while and find your way.

Start with writing down your goals. Be specific. Do not dream about the moment you achieve success. Try to imagine the next step. How will your life be after you succeed? What do you want to change or keep as it is today?

Which one is your Exit?

  1. You can bury your head in the sand, ignore everything and wish for a miracle.
  2. You can try to follow every path of the labyrinth without knowing the exit.
  3. You can take control of your life and decide about the exit.

What if you cannot succeed?

Do you really think that after you find the exit of the labyrinth or you succeed about anything, your life will be completed? Do you think that life is a straight line? There will be more labyrinths. That is where the fun begins. No one can have just one goal. Overall success depends on every little success you achieved.

  • At the beginning you set up your goals. If you really find out what you want to achieve, this is a great success. Most of the people live their lives without a goal and they do not confess that actually they have nothing to do. They only live.
  • Then you motivate yourself to move forward. Motivation is a great success. There are too many people who have problems with motivation. Motivation is a start and you succeeded.
  • After motivation, you try to notice the possibilities to turn into opportunities. That means you are creative. Creativity can always help you when you get stuck. We are not surrounded with creative people. That is why all the business owners prefer creative people. That means you succeeded again.
  • When you find an opportunity, you try to improve your abilities. I do not mean technical skills. You improve your mind power. You find out how to think and act. No success can compete with improving mind power, even if you could not get what you want in your first try.
  • Then you have to decide among opportunities. If you can make the right decision, you should not worry about success anymore.
  • All these abilities you have, makes you feel more confident. Self-confidence is the key to success. You cannot succeed without self-confidence. Do you still think you have not succeeded yet?
  • Every step you take makes you closer to success and makes you happier. Never underestimate happiness. Happiness should not come after success. If you can be happy before you succeed, it will empower your mind power and success will be easier.

What if you cannot succeed? Do you still think that you cannot succeed? If you achieved any of the steps mentioned above, that means you succeeded. Some people have these things as their goals. You are closer to success than you have ever been.

Do not worry. Worries only hold you back from success. You know that you will succeed. Never ever give up.

What if you succeed? What comes next?
You will set up another goal for yourself. Your life has not ended yet. Everyday can be another labyrinth. You must have some goals to achieve. When you give up, you get old. Trying to succeed about anything keeps you young.

Do you have retired people around you? Some of them live their lives without a goal. Some of them have different goals after retirement. They improve their hobbies. They have goals like travelling the world or opening a restaurant just to cook for fun. Which one of them looks and feels younger; the ones with goals or the ones who just lives?

Do not worry if you feel like you have failed in one labyrinth. You can have more labyrinths if you want to. Just do not give up.

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