Self-esteem is very well understood now-a-days as far as its definition is concerned it is to improve one’s knowledge, success rate, social and emotional life, and strive for the next level of achievement continuously. Ones overall evaluations of successes and failures become self-esteem in total. William James famous formula: successes by aspirations equals to self-esteem.

Have you ever thought the color of your shoes making you feel embarrassed/ low in self-esteem or color of your car is a constant pain in your head! Have you ever experiences that you had to leave something of your choice and need just because of its color! Have you ever noticed things you like increase your confidence and pride! Have you ever thought your self-esteem is damaged due to little unhappy events in life!

Our life is full of little and big events that ultimately affect our self-esteem. In this article I intentionally focus on the little and meaningless things that sometimes prove a strong predictor of our self-esteem. Changing our habits (here spending) may give us the tremendous amount of satisfaction and dignity. Women, who ignore their needs, feel depressed and unworthy. They must spend some pennies on their favorite items to preserve their self-esteem. Similarly men must spend some pennies on their favorite stuff. The more we spend on our liked stuff, the better our self-esteem would be.

In the same manner, the more we spend time with our favorite people, the more refresh we will be. The more we do something we like, the higher our self-esteem would be.
To preserve our self-esteem, it is also very important to leave something we do not like. If someone is doing something to make his/her fellow happy, it should not be the routine. Otherwise things will become problematic in the end. Things we like to do increase our interest and are good for our mental and physical health. Things we do under any compulsion basically damage our brain cells silently. So it is very important to leave them in good time and select something of our true nature.

Many things in our life create an imbalance between what we expect and what we have. Many times we ignore their presence and keep going on with our life style. For example, wearing red shoes could be a self-esteem problem for someone. Listening unwanted tunes could create the emotional imbalance for us. Wearing bright colors can make some women less confident. Or some rely on good perfumes to feel good self-esteem. Some rely on good shoes; some on good watches; some on good mobiles; some on cosmetics; some on jewelry; some on dresses; some on special brands; some on followers; some on pets; some on cars and some on laptops.

Every one of us keep some obsession of things and in my point of view, we need to fulfill our obsession as early as possible within our limited resources. For most of the time, we ignore them that we need to feel better. We ignore our personality traits and put them behind other choices. Otherwise such modifications in life will pay us in the form of high self-esteem with little or no effort at all.
Here I want to make it clear that my emphasis is not on luxury items rather items of our choice within our range. At the same time, items we do not like and we keep on using them also create problems for us. So we need to improve our self understanding to boost our self-esteem by keeping items of our choice and by getting rid of items of not our choice. In this way we can achieve a few high levels of self-esteem and feel better day by day.

On the opposite side, we think of people who depend on branded items and think their self-esteem totally depends on that. For such mindsets, things are never enough and self-esteem is always in trouble. We as human beings must try to rely on positive and worthy traits to boost our self-esteem. Our dignity must find a good and positive way to flourish. If we rely totally on worldly items, brands, and luxuries to feel good, then we are at high risk of negative and low self-esteem. Simple life, simple choices, and simple living remain always a pride of highly esteemed people. We need to focus on moral obligations and high morals to maintain a high level of self-esteem instead of relying upon worldly things only.

Author's Bio: 

Mona Aeysha, PhD, is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, have been working as a Teacher and Researcher in several institutes of Pakistan and Cambodia. Her major areas of interest are: self –esteem, self-concept, conceptual psychology, belief psychology, self psychology, preferential psychology, cultural psychology and women psychology.
You are always welcome to contact her via email if you have any query in this regard.
Dr Mona