Once a couple breaks up with each other, one of the top questions they usually ask is "do couples get back together after a bad parting of ways?”

The answer to this question is not really clear and usually depends on how your relationship ended. Of course, some couples managed to get back together even if they had a particularly bad breakup. What you need to understand is that there are several factors relating to a couple's possible reconciliation.

First off, do couples get back together right after the break up happened? If the breakup was unpleasant then this is highly unlikely. There are some Hollywood movies when a couple seems to switch from fighting to kissing in a matter of minutes. Sadly, this isn't how real relationships go. No matter how hard or easy the break up is, couples need to have some alone time in order to think things over. If not then couples would only engage in an unhealthy cycle of breaking up, getting back together and breaking up again.
It's also pretty common for people to ask "do couples get back together after mistakes were made in the relationship?” When it comes to loved ones, people can be forgiving which is why there's a big possibility for this. If you did something wrong, take responsibility for it and allow your partner to get past the hurt.

Don't fabricate and be specific about what you're saying sorry for. There's a chance that the two of you will be back together especially if this is the first time. However, if you haven't changed your ways and this is a multiple offense, don't expect to get back with your partner anytime soon.

Do couples get back together even if one of them is seeing someone new? This is a tough problem that you shouldn't be asking at all. Sure, the feelings might still be there, but if the situation was reversed, will you want your ex to constantly pester you? If the two of you are meant to be then the new partner wouldn't last that long. You would only look like a bad person if you try to win your ex back when they already have a new partner.

There are lots of stories where couples get back together after years of being apart, but can this really the case? This is actually a more ideal situation because the passage of time will allow you to heal the old wounds and concentrate only on the good times.

So, do couples get back together after some time? It's possible but it needs effort on the part of the couple. Unfortunately, some people leave everything to fate and choose not to act on what they want. If your ex is worth it then you should go the extra mile and push forward into that reconciliation.

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