What is organic search Traffic? How to increase traffic from natural search

I oversaw web, but what is organic search and natural search…” and “I was told by my boss that there is little access from the web! Maybe some people are worried about ... "

In fact, organic search and natural search are what you usually see, and you can significantly increase traffic by keeping the points to increase properly.

This time, we will introduce the improvement measures that should be implemented from the basics of organic search and natural search, so please use it as a reference for web marketing.

What is organic search?

Organic search means "natural search" when translated literally.

Natural search is a system that displays websites extracted by the mechanism of each search engine when users using Google, Yahoo!, etc. search. I introduced it a little difficult, but the point is the site that appears when you search. Buy Targeted Organic Website Traffic and know that you are buying traffic that is of the highest quality.  Because this traffic is keyword-driven, you know that visitors to your site already have an interest in the product or service you are offering!

However, there are two types of search results, "Advertisement" and "Nature", and the latter "Nature" is the site extracted by organic search.

In a specific example, there are the following differences between natural search and advertisement.

Ad display example

On the other hand, this is an advertisement. When I searched with the keyword English conversation classroom, an advertisement for an English conversation classroom was displayed, but when I say where I can find it, it is written as “Advertisement” on the left side.

This display is generally called "paid search". Paid search is a mechanism that displays search results for a fee as its name suggests. Yahoo! is a Yahoo! listing advertisement and Google is a Google advertisement service. For keywords that can't be displayed in a higher rank by natural search alone, the company pays the advertising fee to the company and displays it at the top of the search results.

While Google is developing a search engine mechanism, the most important thing is “user-friendliness”. For this reason, we do not use advertisements that would deceive users, or do not know whether they are advertisements or natural searches...

Should I take measures against natural search or paid search?

In conclusion, I don't want to either advertise to enhance paid search or SEO to enhance natural search.

Both are important measures when considering SEM (Search Engine Marketing ≒ Keyword Marketing) for websites.

What is SEM?

I will explain a bit about SEM, which is important for web marketing.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing, and it is a general term for search engines, that is, marketing methods that use search engines. And there are natural search and paid search in this search engine.

Marketing methods include “SEO” and “search engine advertising”, and SEO is one of SEM.

What is SEO?

SEO is an important measure against natural search.

SEO is an SEM strategy that aims to increase the number of visits through organic search, but it is possible to raise the ranking through organic search. We will take measures for each search keyword that users are likely to search and take measures so that the search keyword is ranked higher.

Both measures can maximize the effect

Did you understand that SEM has measures for natural search and paid search?

If you look at the differences in measures for each of these, you can see the following. As you can see from the table, the measures for paid search and natural search have different characteristics in many items. Buy Organic Traffic and find out what so many already know ...  This traffic is highly targeted by keywords and geography.  And, did we mention it also improves your Alexa Ranking as a byproduct? In addition to considering cost allocation according to the characteristics of products and services, SEO will take time to be effective, and at the beginning it will invest in a large amount of budget to increase advertising placement and link building. Let's do some ingenuity.

Benefits of increasing organic search

So where are the benefits of focusing on organic search?

Increase visits to your site

One benefit is an increase in the number of visitors and visits to the site.

The site stop ranking in organic search will make it more visible to users who search, and visitors will be able to visit your site. Originally the purpose of creating a website should be to attract customers, sell products, provide services, etc., but the denominator that leads to the conversion will rise, so as a result increase the profit that is the final goal of the company I can.

Strengthen branding

The fact that you re ranked high in organic search can also be rated highly by your users.

Google's search engine has evolved so much that it now uses algorithms such as AI to display top-level sites that users find valuable.

For this reason, being displayed in the top rank means that it is highly evaluated by users, which means that branding will be strengthened as a company.

Reduce advertising costs

If the top display in organic search is realized, it will be possible to reduce the rate of attracting customers through paid search, resulting in a reduction in advertising costs.

Buy Organic Search Traffic!  We will deliver highly targeted traffic to you based upon (up to three) keywords that you provide!  You can further target by geography.  Increase your odds of success and buy organic search traffic today! However, in order to make the top display in organic search, it is necessary to improve the content and deliver valuable information to users. In order to make such efforts, labor costs and production costs are required to produce content, but it is necessary to make a strategy while looking at the balance between them. As I mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to do just one of them, but it is necessary to work in a balanced manner in both natural search and paid search.

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