I get to work with a lot of great personal development and business growth experts who are making the world a better place. In their industries, like in most, there seems to be a trend when it comes to audio for one of two things: speed or quality.

In the speed category, they're working to keep up with the fast pace of the industry by getting their information developed and released as quickly as possible. This sometimes means getting teleconferences online immediately after they take place, or recording their own web audios or podcasts via a cheap dynamic microphone plugged into the input jack on their laptop.

This does get the job done...in a sense. You have to remember, as a business person, you're ALWAYS branding. Would you give someone a business card you just scribbled out, without even proofreading for spelling errors? This is essentially what you're doing if speed is your main objective.

Another shortcoming of differentiating yourself by speed is that you're shortchanging yourself down the road. You may end up with more audios available in bulk, but what will you be able to do with them tomorrow? Absolutely nothing.

Let's look at quality. With high-quality, top-notch audio, you look good, plain and simple. Proper branding is a no-brainer! And whether your audience is listening as soon as your podcast is available, or a month later, you still look good.

On down the road, if you want to create information products on CD or in downloadable form, you're already ready to go, without having to go into a studio to develop new audios, hire voice talent, or create scripts. You've done the heavy lifting up front!

You may not have as many audios with quality as your goal. But you'll have more impact, which will in turn, get you and your audience better results.

Which are you focusing on?

Author's Bio: 

Dana Detrick is an entrepreneur, musician, composer, producer, award-nominated voice artist, writer, and all around Zen gal. Her mission? Make music interactive, emotional, and most importantly, FUN again! Learn how she's doing it and get more information, products, and music at http://www.seriousvanity.com.

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