Even though it is interesting to note that recent reports state female workplace bullying is on the increase, causing more people to say they would rather work for a man, we are going to stay focused on the female family serial bully.

I believe bullies know they are bullying. I believe you don’t wake up one morning as a competent bully. I think you learn bullying over time and by attending “mean girl school.” (I am not sure what “mean girl school” means, but I imagine it is a combination of watching other bullies, having been bullied and deciding to retaliate by bullying others.)

If you are bullying in the workplace, there is a good chance you are using your bullying tactics in your family life. Bullies feel weak, powerless, and bullying is a practice which mistakenly allows the bully to think she is powerful and in control.

Bullying is cowardly, so feeling powerful by taking a cowardly action is puzzling. I’d like to spend some time discussing a bullying action vs a healthy action. We all know a bully’s first line of defense is denial and attack – “I don’t know what you are talking about, the victim is too sensitive” – so let’s tackle that line.

“You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building each other up, instead of tearing each other down.”

Power and Authority – Healthy

If I have power and authority in a situation, it is my ethical and moral responsibility to look out for everyone’s well-being. Actions I can take include checking in with everyone regularly, setting up guidelines for the best well-being for the majority, looking out for the best interest of the group where I have power and authority.

Female Bullying

Enter a female family bully and here are some of the scenarios reported to me. Rather than see a crisis/event as an opportunity to bring the family together, the bully will use it to hurt victims.

When there is a happy gathering, bullies will manipulate information, so their intended victim will feel excluded, isolated, attacked, ostracized and threatened for starters. If there is lodging, the bully will find the least desirable lodging for the victim.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Brown, PhD, RN of Sausalito, California, formerly from Aspen, Colorado in her private practice has served as the trusted advocate and advisor to Influential Corporate leaders, Trial Attorneys, Athletes, Leaders, Physicians and their families, many whose connections extend well beyond the town of Aspen.

Before moving to Aspen in 1987, Brown worked as an Alcohol Clinical Specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts from 1981–1983. She was the Program Director of the Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program at Greater Cape Ann Human Services in Gloucester, Massachusetts from 1983–1987.

While living in Aspen, Brown developed a private practice providing therapy for families, individuals, and couples.

Brown is a graduate of the University of Virginia, BS in Nursing; Boston University, MS in Psychiatric-Mental Health in Nursing; and International University, PhD in Addiction Studies.

Brown resides in Sausalito, California and has two children and four grandchildren.

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