Being aware of the temperatures and making sure to equip yourself for the elements can make all the difference in that outdoor activity that is calling your name during the chilly months of winter. Being prepared allows you to be active and as safe and comfortable as possible.

Chances are that wherever you are residing Old Man Winter has taken up residence in your backyard and has decided to hangout for numerous more weeks or maybe even months. Oh drats, that means dark mornings, cold days and shadowy evenings that attempt to cast a spell over your ambition to get out and about and tackle your weight loss goals. There’s no need to allow the Old Man to freeze out your health and wellness parade. All it takes is a few well thought out maneuvers ahead of time to put your beautiful self in a position to conquer his chilling attempts at toppling your fitness future.

~Be Dressed: Having the gear that supports your outdoor activity is vital to your attempts to enter the elements and get moving. Be sure to dress in layers for added warmth, always wear a hat to eliminate heat loss through your head and don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen if that little devil is revealing her warming smile.

~Be Safe: Inform someone about your outdoor exercise intentions and how long you are going to be out and about. Consider bringing a cell phone, pepper spray and maybe even your dog or a neighbor’s canine for company. If it is dim and dingy when you set out on your way wearing a reflective vest will promote your safety if you are going to be around motor vehicles.

~Be Equipped: Bring water along for your excursion and don’t forget your water enhancer if it promotes your hydration attempts and how about a small snack for continued energy and satisfaction while on route.

~Be Motivated: Music is a wonderful tool to incorporate into your movement routine. There are many benefits to this instrumental option that enhances your performance and invigorates you to help keep you in motion on good days and days when you feel like throwing in the towel.

If the thought of taking your physical activity outside makes you shudder at the notion, perhaps adjusting your preparation tactics is just what you need to put one foot in front of the other and take a step outside.

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