What happens when you are gripped in fear and anxiety with no idea how to get out? It can be easy to feel trapped in those heavy feelings for days, weeks and for some people even decades... But it doesn't have to be this way!

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel gripped by fear or anxiety: Remember To Breathe! It is your most valuable asset and it's also free! You have an in built mechanism to reset your nervous system and change the direction of your thoughts in a matter of seconds.

When you're breathing consciously you are completely present. Fear and anxiety happen when you focus on imaginary things you can't control. To bring yourself present with a breath (or three) will release the demons that have been holding you in the past and fretting about the future.

Consider to stop before you make any decision and breathe... Especially if you are in a panic and it seems like you are running out of time... You ALWAYS have time for a conscious deep breath. In fact it's all you do have time for. A deep breath will change the pace of time around you. Your mind becomes clear and tension is released so you now have the ability to excel under pressure.

Also, breathing is a key tool in your bodies healing. How long can you last without taking a breath? Breathing is vitally important for your bodies health but so far, most people have been breathing so shallowly - they are merely surviving. With enough conscious breathing every day - your body and therefore you, will thrive!

Each breath infiltrates your cells with life giving oxygen. The longer you hold the breath, the more toxins are removed from each of your cells. You exhale them out of your body, leaving your cells cleaner and more able to function. This is one reason why breathing is so great for staying young - It cleans your skin and all your organs from the inside out!

Did you know that most diseases (including cancer) are anaerobic, meaning they can't survive in a high oxygenated environment. Isn't this wonderful news!? Mass amounts of breathing will eradicate the signs of disease and keep you healthy, clear and happy. For such a simple practice you can change your health significantly! Plus when you take in many deep breaths it immediately makes you feel elated and happy.

If you are looking to feel happier more of the time, then breathing is a top habit to adopt. A great trick that has helped me breath more is to breathe every single time breathing is mentioned - like now - I just took a deep breath (and again because I mentioned it again!) You can use this method for when you hear it on the TV, in a conversation or written in a book. It feels so good to have that wonderful reminder.

The other thing to help you breathe more is to always exemplify breathing when you tell anyone else to breathe (and another healing breath!). Otherwise chances are they will hold their breath instead of following your advice. This way you get your breath in, but your also helping someone feel comfortable about taking a breath of their own. Have you noticed how people have been so conditioned to hold their breath, they usually don't take the advice to breathe when they need it most? Well let's make a change that will have a great impact not only in your life but for those you care about too.

Imagine if every time a stressed out friend needed to breathe you modeled it for them. When you do this, and especially if you breathe every time you read, write or hear it said then you will be happier, calmer, healthier and be great under pressure... Plus you will be much more present and clear to enjoy your life! I believe that by making small changes like this just in yourself it really does change The World, bit by bit.

As an after note, Thanks to this article I now feel an elated happiness from the practice of breathing every time I mentioned the healing breath. I would love to hear your experiences with breathing as well. If you took your breath at every mention of the word, I would love to hear how you feel now - So please comment, find me on Facebook and share to help empower others!

With Love and Gratitude
Kai Ashley

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Kai Ashley is one of The World's leading experts in healing and transformation. She specializes in helping leaders who have a big vision to make the world a better place and want to make great money doing so!

Kai uses a unique mix of Deep EFT and breathwork that gives extremely powerful results for her clients, often where nothing else has worked before.
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