Does a look into the mirror
ever make you feel like your breasts do not belong to your body? A figure which could have been hourglass in shape, but hampered by the too small breasts? Or perhaps, one breast is significantly smaller than the other, and
you wish it was the same size as the larger one?
Do not let your small breasts worry you anymore – opt for breast augmentation as the perfect solution to these problems.

What is Breast Augmentation?

As the term suggests, breast augmentation is a procedure to augment or enhance the natural breast size to a more desired shape and size. It is a simple cosmetic surgery procedure which uses silicone gel breast implants (which are placed inside the breast cavity surgically) – these implants are custom made for every woman.
In the skilled hands of a gold-medallist plastic surgeon, breast augmentation is a safe procedure which aims at enhancing self-love in a woman, by giving her the desired breast profile.

Determining the Right Size

Knowing the right size while opting for breast augmentation is one of the most important aspects of planning the procedure. The right breast size is determined by the surgeon, who takes cognizance of the following factors –
1. What is the cup size desired by the patient?
2. Is the desired cup size in sync with her existing body structure? While breast augmentation can enhance the breast size by more than one cup size, it is important to assess whether the increase will look good and natural. For example, a very slim woman may not look good if she goes from a size B to a size E. Whereas, for a woman with a heavier structure, a half-cup size increase may have negligible impact on the appearance.
3. What is the level of tissue elasticity available? The chest cavity of a woman, which already has breast tissue and gland, has limited space to work around. This, combined with the elasticity of the breast tissue limits the extent to which enhancement is possible.
4. What is the desired profile? If a woman wants greater projection, then the breast implant must have a high profile. However, if she is looking for greater cleavage, then the surgeon opts for a low or moderate profile, even though the volume may be the same in both cases.

The Role of 3D Simulations

Medical science and technology is now very advanced and has found its way into breast augmentation procedures as well. Crisalix is an advanced technology which enables the surgeon to come up with 3D simulations of the outcome. This greatly facilitates the surgeon in finalizing the right size for the patient as the outcome can be visualized before the procedure takes place.
Determining the right size ensures a successful breast augmentation procedure – in all respects. Trust your surgeon to choose what is best for you.

Author's Bio: 

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Priya Bansal understands only too well how important it is for women to love themselves – this is the key to a happy and successful life, and more importantly, to both physical and mental well-being. She understands the many changes a woman’s body undergoes over the course of years and experiences – age and childbirth bring about changes which may make a woman feel self-conscious. She specializes in and is one of the most renowned names in the field of cosmetogynecology.