It may seem like everyone and their mother is getting lip fillers these days, but before you sign up for a pout that could rival Kylie Jenner's, it's important to vet the professional you're trusting with your lips. Just take it from the multiple women in Arizona who were left with severe infections after they got injections out of someone's home. 

Local news station Fox 10 Phoenix spoke with seven of the women, many of whom said they been recommended the services by friends. One of the women, Alexandra Garaventa, told another local station, 12 News, that her best friend had been going to the woman's home in Maricopa County since November 2018 for the lip injections. "Every time she went, her lips looked amazing, like flawless," Garaventa said. 

The main draw of going to the Maricopa woman, who claimed she was licensed to perform the injections, was that she reportedly did the job for a fraction of the normal price. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average cost of lip fillers is about $620 per milliliter. The Maricopa woman, however, charged only $80 per milliliter. 

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The women who ended up with infections all got injections on August 3rd. Garaventa told 12 News that she knew something was wrong right away, "When she was pushing [the filler] in, it almost felt like my lips wanted to reject it like it was being forced in," she said.

Ashleigh Villaverde, who had gotten injections from the woman before, told Fox 10 that she had a similar experience to Garaventa during her most recent visit. "As soon as I went this time, I knew something was wrong because each time I injected, it hurt so bad," Villaverde said. "That has never happened before."

Both Garaventa and Villaverde said within hours, their lips were extremely swollen and painful. In fact, Garaventa's top lip was so swollen it was touching the tip of her nose, she said. But when Garaventa sent a text message to the Maricopa woman who injected her lips, she was assured that the swelling was normal, since she had never gotten her lips done before. 

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