To boost your self confidence you need to work on some of your personal weaknesses first. It is essential you know who you are, what you like or dislike, your tastes and preferences. This may sound straight forward, but if you look at things closely, do you do, say or participate in things to please others rather than yourself?

One way of boosting confidence is by doing things with no doubts that you’ll do them well. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but that you put your all into everything and do it to the best of your ability. You will feel your self-respect increase and others will also have great respect for you which will go a long way to boosting confidence.

In working towards boosting confidence, you may have to separate yourself from the crowd, stop following convention and pursue your own path, in spite of what others think. If you do this, you may find for a short while you feel like you don’t belong, but you will soon have a body of people who respect, follow and look up to you. Being a role model for others is a sure way to boost confidence.

Here are some tips you can adapt which will help with boosting confidence:

· Do some sort of exercise every day. Even 10 minutes every morning makes a difference.
· Learn how to say a few words in several different languages
· Teach someone something they don’t know
· Prepare a list of a few funny stories and rehearse narrating them to improve your conversational skills.
· Dress up in a new suit, shoes, or lingerie and walk with confidence.
· Be courteous, always treat everyone with respect.
· Learn to look straight into other people’s eyes as you converse, even in group meetings or discussions.

Boosting confidence can have a massive impact on your life and is well worth working on daily.

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